**ACTION** "Investigations"

Ship date 4.8.2100JMC Blue DwarfThe Blue Dwarf headed deeper into space.Aboard repairs were being made to the damaged areas of the ships and wounded crewman, mostly security officers were being seen to in the Medic bay. One case Van Threk noted was that of the security officer that didn't believe in violence that had been badly beaten when he had tried to talk some of those goons into surrendering, well, that was the story she was told.
******************************Councillor's office1115 hoursThe councillor watched as Major Harris paced from side to side."I know you have made a effort to attend this appointment so why don't you have a seat." She told the Major."Just as long as you don't ask me to lay down." Harris commented as he sat down."I have already reviewed your psychiatric file." She told Harris. "I see that you have no memories predating your first assignment.""The drugs they used to try and control my hostile behaviour blocked out almost everything before then." Harris told the councillor. "But I still could remember who I was and what I needed to know to continue my service in the JMC.""That may prove a problem with dealing with your problem and since you are unwilling to say who this fear is relating to." The councillor said before Harris cut her off."I will not disclose that information." The Major snapped."It would not leave these four walls." The councillor told the Major."But it would go onto my record for the review of the chief medical officer and the Captain and First Officer." Harris commented. "Plus there are hackers that we have aboard this ship. I've already known Lt. Smegg to be one. That last thing I need is that sort of information floating around the ship!""Okay, Mr. Harris." The councillor said. "You don't have to give me that information, but this is going to make it much hard on the both of us to solve this problem.""I know that pathetic excuse of an Captain, Cannon, has an appointment at 11:30 so why don't we get down to business!" Harris snapped."Fine." She muttered."Drive room to Major Harris." Came the voice of Seymore Niples over the Com."Harris here." The Major replied."Report to the Drive room." Said Niples.Harris looked at the annoyed councillor and she commented. "Make another appointment. We can start again later."
Harris left the room and Captain Cannon entered. He sat down next to the councillor.
"What's wrong with you this time?" sighed the councillor.
"I've been hearing these voices..." said the Captain.************************************
Drive room1200 hours"You took your time." Commander Nipels commented, as Harris finally arrived."This better be important!" Harris snapped."We're received a distress signal for a ship not too far from our location." The Commander told Harris."Does Cannon know about this?" Harris enquired."Yes and he has left everything for me to do, again." Nipels told the Major. "I what you to take a away team and go check it out. I've already assigned Doctor Van Threk and Lt. Smegg to the team.""If it keeps cabin fever at bay for another week." Harris commented. "When do I leave?""At 1230 hours." The Commander told the Major.
*****************************Flight deck 021229 hoursHarris arrived at the flight deck with Donover and another security officer in tow to see that the doctor and Lt. Smegg were already there and waiting.Harris wasn't happy about the fact his left arm still had another week to heal and now he was being sent on an away mission to check out of ship sending out a SOS."Alright campers." Harris called out. "I believe Nipels has briefed you all so get in that bloody ship!"Harris couldn't help notice that Van Threk and Smegg were both standing in front of the starbug's front landing strut."Take five steps to your left." Harris ordered the two officers.Van Threk and Smegg looked at each and then did as they were told, revealing that the front landing strut had been clamped."It was like this when we got here, Major." Smegg told Harris."Bloody clampers!" Harris snarled to himself and then he ordered the two security officers. "You two, find Carl the crab and bring that bloody clamper here! I what a few words with that weasel!"*************************************
Starbug 06Who knows how far from the Blue Dwarf1306 hoursHarris and Lt. Smegg sat in the cockpit of the starbug."Any idea what we'll find aboard that ship?" Smegg asked."Not a clue." Harris commented, leaning back in the chair with his eyes closed."Any idea what we're expecting to find?" Smegg enquired, really wanting to get back to play Sonic in the holosimulator."Smegg." Harris said."Yes, Major?" Smegg asked dreading what the Major was about to say."SHUT UP!" Harris snapped.
***************************Unidentified ShipDocking bay1317 hoursThe away team left the starbug and looked around the docking bay of the ship. The bay was empty and looked like it hadn’t been used in quite some time. There was an eerie sense of tension in the air, making the Starbug crew jump at the echoes of their own footsteps."If this ship was attacked they weren't boarded here." Donover commented as he scanned the area. "I'm detecting five life signs in what may be a lab two corridors down.""Then lead the way." Harris ordered."I was afraid you would say that, Major."*********************************************
Unidentified shipScience lab1224 hoursThe away team forced the door to the lab open and they moved into the darkened lab."Five life signs!" Harris snarled at Donover."That's what the scanner said." Donover told the Major."Smegg, take Donover with you and see if you download anything that tell us what happened here." Harris ordered."Yes, Major." Smegg answered and the two officers left the lab leaving Harris, Van Threk and the other security officer alone in the lab."What happened to everyone?" Van Threk commented. "And where are those life signs Donover detected?""What was that?" The security officer commented as he noticed something dashing out the open door."I don't like this!" Harris commented. "No crew and large rats making my officers jump.""Didn't look like a rat to me." The security officer said."Lt. Smegg to Major Harris." Came over the Com."What is it, fatboy." Harris asked, his patience wearing thin with this away mission."We've download the captain's logs and anything else that would prove helpful." Smegg reported."Right." Harris commented and then he ordered. "Alright, everyone back to the starbug. I don't want to spend more time in this ghost ship then I need to!"****************************************
To be continued....
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