Goodness, We're Not Savages

-The Bramble Wood,
Very Near Jocelynn's Inn,
Dawn, 1 DSTR-

"You would rather eat a man for dessert than have a guide?" Ceriden sighed. "How very short-sighted of you."

Gareth apparently had not forgiven the soldier for defending himself yet, despite the fact that the soldier could easily have killed him instead of knocking him out. "Do you even realize how barbarous that comment sounded?" Ceriden remarked. "We may be desperate men, Gareth, but we are not savages. No, if you are still hungry even after all that, please finish eating that pig I paid an arm and a leg for."

Ceriden then turned back to the soldier. "So what will it be? Do we part ways from here, or would you like to learn how to actually control that fancy magic stuff that you appear to be capable of wielding?"

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