When Kalena leaning telling him the took not of her, "Do not worry, he will not leave your property." he said, using body language to indicate they were talking about other things. "He will be held I will tell you what I know the moment you arrive home." he said leaning back giving her a smile the match his body language. Someone as trained as her would know it was not truthful but he would do her task.

They split up. "Hold here." Lafayette said, but the man replied. "Boss says take you to the door." He told Lafayette. "Just stop a moment." he said motioning for a guard to come over. Whispering. "Lock the gate, Lady Kalena's orders." he told him the man gave him a knowing nod and locked the gate behind them. Half way up the path Lafayette made his move, grabbing the man through the small window to talk to the driver and knocked him for a loop. Not having the grip to knock him out, outright.

A scuffle ensued the man swinging a blade at Lafayette how ever, Lafayette fought with his hands. The man was sloppy due to the knock the the head, and he was needed alive. Having being shown up the man's anger also lead to sloppiness. "Stop making a fool out of me!" the driver shouted before taking a left hook to the face laying him out. "Can someone help me get this man inside. Also stay away from the cart, in fact I would remove it from the property all together. I believe they were planning to bomb her home." he added heading inside to start working information from the man.

Meanwhile, at the castle.

Kalena and Hemlock waited in the parlor a tall man approved. "Good evening Kalena and..." he paused.

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