Peculiar Request

- Verden, Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR -

Complicated family. She'd never really given herself the satisfaction of admitting that was true. A dead step mother, missing mother, missing sister, one who was possibly a runaway, and a broken father. Kadri was stuck in the middle of it all with no trail to follow. "Complicated doesn't even describe it..." she muttered.

"How about we make this deal; If you help me take care of everything here at my farm for a day or two, then I'll gladly provide you with any of the resources you'll need on your journey. In fact you can start out right away with the most important part of them all. To bring food to my three 'friends'. Just keep your distance to the bars and then everything will be alright."

She paused and set the soup down, rising to take the plate of steaks, smoothing her pants out. "There's always a catch I suppose, but I can do it." Kadri held the large ceramic dish firmly and looked up to him. "Where exactly are they, and why are they being treated as prisoners? Any typical man wouldn't put friends behind bars. But I get the feeling you're not a typical man. Safety precaution? Guard dog for the produce?" She eyed him inquisitively.

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