-Dalen Capital, 0 DSTR-

Isai watched Winifred smirk in response to his question before finding yet another pose to stand in as she formulated her response to his investigation. Chuckling softly as he was reminded of Lars's panicked pacing that the eunuch would do across their bedchamber before she was required to meet with a high-ranking official. There was no doubt that Winifred had the royal background she claimed, and so he knew that she would be able to carry out this ruse. Or at least far enough that Isai would no longer be connected to it. Shaking his head with a slight smirk as she spoke, he lifted his quill from the counter and began scribing her pseudonym as well as a detailed history of her lineage. It would contain her place of birth, which he would place as the closest Fae Kingdom that would still inconvenience a curious eye from wanting to fully check the credentials against the records of the kingdom.

Her lineage would include figures of nobility and royalty from that kingdom as well as names that he made up to leave just enough doubt that would allow someone well-versed in the particular kingdom to be misled. The real figures would not work as her direct ancestors, for a knowledgeable courtier would know the children of the nobles and royalty, but to say she came from their line but was born to a descendant would open up the possibility that the dutiful courtier had forgotten that one branch of a massive tree they had memorized. It would serve to pad their ego with enough bracing and armor so that the blunt lie that was presented before them would feel like nothing but an affectionate kiss on the cheek that was delivered with a forgiving tone. The courtier would feel forgiven by Ms. Adelyn Collins for it was understandable that they would forget her branch when they had already bravely remembered so much. Any doubt that rose up later would be so tainted by emotions of uncertainty and fear that they had truly failed to memorize the documents of the family tree fully that the courtier would keep the silence with them until they were laid to rest.

Satisfied with her knowledge of current events, he skimmed over the document with a practiced eye, checking her name, lineage, birthplace, and the property she owned which labeled her as a Lady. Looking up from the parchment as she spoke of the morals of his current actions, he snorted slightly before speaking, "Lying to my queen? Not very morally just, Adelyn." Chuckling softly, he sat up and pulled a stamp from a hidden pocket in his clothes. Holding it up to present his official seal, he caught her gaze and held it with an intense stare before speaking, "This will link me with you. Your failure is my failure. My failure is your failure. Your death is my death. My death is yours. Before I finalize this link, I need your word. Will you, to the best of your ability, hold true to this alias? In the face of all scrutiny within these walls and upon Dalen soil, will you hold the words of this document as true?"

Seeing Artem coming over, Gularzob noticed the stage of the deal Isai had initiated and so stepped in with a smile. Offering a hand with a smile, he spoke in a hushed tone, "Come, my friend. We must not interrupt them yet. Besides, you need to come up with a fake name. I saw you looking at this sword earlier and I sensed a connection. I cannot give it to you for free, but perhaps the memories it awoke could help you choose a name to make yours."

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