Alone in the Woods

- Dalen Woodland, Night of 1 DSTR

“It's alright,” Kalena replied, with a little amused smile. Her smile then fell as she held up the letter, directing his attention to the frayed wax seal that had formerly bound the parchment. “I actually recognize that —it's the Cartagan coat of arms! The only surviving member of the family that I'm aware of is a man called Tyreth. He was one of the Queen's personal guard and I met him several times at the palace. He left Her Majesty's service following the death of his uncle, from whom he inherited the family's lands and orchard business. His Uncle was a complete degenerate, and also suspected of having ties to one of Dalen's rebel factions. Tyreth on the other hand has an almost sterling reputation, but if he wrote this letter it seems he's as bad as his uncle, or perhaps far worse. I'm frankly surprised. I thought he was a pretty nice bloke, all things considered. The Queen is rather fond of him as well, and Thalia is usually quite a good judge of character.”

A noble, of good standing and good character, close to the Queen. Why would be involved, he had never even met the boy, or his Uncle. He would have remembered, wouldn’t he? It would not be the first noble be the opposite of what he presented to the world, or the Queen. He knew the Queen though and respected her ability to see through bullshit. It had been the Queen who had promoted him and he was wondering if that was the wisest of choices to accept her offer.

“Odd, his lands are no place near mine.” Kline said standing. “Where did that little one go?” He said looking about. It had grown very dark, the fey had all vanished and now the only light came from the lantern Kline had brought.

Indeed Glumly had vanished, along with the secret he took. The tent was empty and the night sounds had returned. Kline looked around, a feeling of unease that was clear on his face. He grumbled as he lifted the lamp to push the shadows back. He hooked it on the center pole of the tent.

Rolling his shoulders. “I would have expected Mister Randel, there is a great deal of outstanding debt, and this shipment would settle that, and bring the land out from under him. His investment would be paid off so his entitlement to it would be removed.” He said slowly and rubbed the side of his neck. “All of this, it is trouble. Why would this Lord wish me harm?” He started to pace, his gait made it so he could only take a step and a half in the tent.

“You remember the way back.” He asked her, stopping and thinking on the problem that suddenly became immediate. He could find his way back come daylight, but in the dark. “I do not know if those woods will let us wander them at night without the fairy.” He said slowly aloud.

A night alone with Kalena was not a bad thing.

The idea hit him and he pushed it back. This was not the thing to be focusing on. They were in an enemy camp and they were not sure the enemy had been completely killed off or if there would not be more of them coming in the morning. He was not in his armor and he just had a short sword on him, more like a long knife.


The idea was pushed away.

Of course he did not know how much of what he was thinking was visible on his face, particularly to one skilled in reading such things. He had no skill in hiding his motivations or his feelings. He was used to fighting, and when you were fighting the enemy really did not care what you were feeling as much as what you were going to do.

OOC- I do not mind the pushing a head. I am more or less just pushing things along; I do not have any intent really. I like to see how stories unfold with different people adding to the plot. I love this idea of a rebel conspiracy.

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