Waxing philosophical

"I do not mean to insult, I just feel as though you may be giving him hope where their may not be." Lafayette said. "I do not mean an offence to you either, I simply see things and make conclusions." he explained searching for a second tin. "Again I seek to make no assumptions..." he paused taking out another matching tin, slightly bigger. "...I have met several women who enjoy sweetening their teas." he said working on the lid. "Would you care for some sugar?" he asked her offering the tin to her along with a small spoon.

"I also said nothing about 'sparing' I just do not enjoy having to fight them. It's a rule of mine. If I am confident they will not be harmed I see no harm in training practice. Rust gathers on a unused tool." he said, "though as silly as it sounds..." Lafayette paused watching her enjoy the smell of the tea. "I would rather used sticks. They will cause a reaction of pain, though not lasting harm." He smiled again. "I do not know what I want you to know. I only know what I told Kline, and that I asked a few questions that seemed to offend him. Though I am unsure as to why. I simply asked him why he had a distaste of wine, but sells it. And why he simply believes he can rely on nothing but reputations alone. Where I come from that is not the norm. One needs to always be on their toes to not loose money. Especially as a child, the taxes alone could kill a family. I know, trust me." Lafayette's gaze when dark and distant at the final words lingering one it a moment. Remembering one of his rules he snapped out of it.

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