Fire, Snow, Sex & the curious Bifrost

Olin joined the group by the fire, motioning to feed it a little air in gentle puffs to bank it some. The cold never really bothered him, but if it might make others more comfortable there was nothing wrong with making friends with this group even in small ways. He got himself comfortable sitting close to Cali.

“So does Balar really expect us to snap our fingers and call forth his missing giant?” Olin asked the group which consisted of himself, Cali, Varan and the madman Kespin. Who, honestly so far had done … Olin had to think … oh right - nothing. At least Luna was more proactive; sure she did more damage than good, but it was something, right? Varan seemed to have skill and she would be an asset for sure … though she did seem sensitive to Olin’s magic. Whoops. What could he say other than - side effects?

His slipped an arm around his Empress’ waist affectionately. “Is the giant even that valuable?” He asked. He seemed a shrimp compared to the giants of the frozen realm. Worse, Olin only knew the creature’s name and had zero connection to the one called Erik. “Should we not focus our efforts to returning to Midgaurd or even Asgard?” He suggested to the group.

“No Giant is valuable for anything.” Varan grumbled, scooting a little further from the fire. “And I’d follow you to either.” Realizing how that sounded, she hastily answered “The group, I mean.”

“We had an entire camp of the ice giants and they were not enough to stop the wolves of Fenrir, if Harlequin is to be believed.” Cali was leaned in against Olin, her bare feet stretched out to the fire, rubbing her fingers along the edges of Tiella’s pendant, which was more of a talisman than she’d let on. Now that she had the soul in her possession, under her control, she was not eager to give it over to Balar. “What resistance then are we to make with the runt, Erik?”

“How do we even know he is alive? We have nothing of his we can use to track and even if he did, how would we go about retrieving him with the Wolves in such close pursuit of him?” Olin asked, his fingers absently stroking the skin of Cali’s belly. So far things were looking grim the the giant.

“The Jotunn is alive.” Varan said knowingly, shifting her eyes from the shiny gem to the man fondling the empress. “And Giants may be large in size, but the wolves are definitely smarter, they would have the upper hand. Then again, lots of things are smarter than giants. Trees. Rocks. Sticks…”

Cali looked away from the fire at the ice elf - half-elf - who was making it quite clear she could not abide the flame. The Witch's eyes roved over the blue skin, though it appeared rather normal in the light of night. The elf was stunning, but Cali knew better than most how fraudulent reality could be when it was tempered by magic. The elf could not help herself, those slanted eyes would not stray far from Olin before catching him again. Cali reached down to rub the man’s knee, but she doubted the elf would even notice.

Varan watched Cali with interest. Aside from the sparkling gems and jewels, she held a special hold on Olin, which made the enchantress enticing as well. Plus the woman was just striking to behold, or was it more that anyone close to Olin naturally was enhanced by proxy? She did wear the man like the finest of clothing.

“There are always three questions. Do I want to do a thing? Can I do a thing? Should I do a thing? I see no reason to strain myself exploring options to call the jotun to us. Olin is in no condition to try. Varan, I understand such magic is beyond you. Let us forget the Jotun. At least until the others wake and insist on his company. Instead, I wish to hear more about the Ice Elves’ bifrost proclivity.”

“All ice elves are a little bifrost,” she answered in return.

Olin couldn’t help but chortal over the double entendre. “Eitherway, didn’t patchwork creature say he would take care of it?” He shrugged.

Cali raked a pile of snow towards the fire with the bottoms of her feet, listening to the hiss as it began to melt. “Harlequin? I like him. He is very roquish. The son of a god is someone who we must respect, though perhaps not trust. He wants us to do something which surely he could accomplish on his own. So I’m given to believe it is not our skill he seeks, it is our sacrifice. The gods were ever demanding that of men. And in turn men demanded it of their women. Olin here sees it better than to make such demands. Don’t you, Olin?”

Olin simply chuckle. “What can I say, I live to serve my Empress.” There was after all nothing to ask or demand for from Cali. He served her needs and she carried his will around her slim neck. It was a working relationship.

“His tongue is as pleasing as his cock.” Cali gave Olin a strangely tender kiss on the cheek.

“Which you’ve only tried once so how can you be sure without repeated experimentation?” Olin all purred his lip brushing Cali’s neck. “We were interrupted last time,” he reminded.

“If I recall, you finished at least four times. Don’t be needy. Twas I who was interrupted.” But Cali obviously ate up the attention.

If their goal was to make it impossible to focus on any other task at hand, Varan thought they succeeded.

Olin spied Luna sitting motionless near Balar off in the distance and fought the temptation to pelt the girl with a snowball. She was a million miles away and clearly her magic was flopping around on its own accord. That girl was going to need a school of hard knocks it seemed; that would be the only way she was going to get better.

“Moonchild keeps Balar mild,” Cali offered, following Olin’s eyes. “I suspect that will become all the more necessary now that his wife is dead. And having a magic user who cannot control herself draws attention away from an occasional fit of temper from one or the other of us.”

“The half-elf was his wife?” Varan interjected.

“Yes,” Cali answered curtly, eyeing Varan. “They loved one another was the look of it. Are such pairings common?”

“No.” Varan replied, checking over her shoulder towards Balar and the Moonchild. “First I’ve heard of a union that was more than repeated experimentation. But it’s a comfort to know that it’s possible.”

“Ah, a dream you share? And do you have your eye on a human male? Or a woman perhaps?”

“Life mate? No, neither here nor there. The moonchild’s curse will kill me long before then, if she herself doesn’t finish the job.”

“Most likely by accident, if anything,” Olin added. “You will need the hands of an expert and you have two to help with that. Also you have the advantage of a precise time. Mayhap there will be something in the vaults of Asgard to help once we figure out how to get there.”

Varan surmised Olin’s hands were plenty expert, and let herself revel in that thought for a moment.

“I do not know you well enough to suggest I would save your life, but if you wish for me to bring you back from death or bind your disembodied soul to a trinket, please choose something without sharp edges.” Cali held up the coiled pendant of Tiella. “And not overly large, please.”

“Something pretty?” Varan asked, imagining Olin’s sweet lips on a sparkling tomb her soul was encased in. “But in the meantime, I think we should worry less about finding the colossal sack of hair and ash, and more about finding Asgard. Unless the Jotunn is the key to the bifrost, I’m certain that he’ll show at some point.”

“But the bifrost is destroyed or so they say.”

“It was during Ragnarok.” Olin confirmed.

“How does one fix a magical bridge to the home of the gods? What was it even made of?” Cali grabbed one of the branches from the fire and with the lit end carelessly poked at the feet of the sleeping Dim. Sometimes mindless harassment helped spark creative energy. Of course, Olin’s cock and tongue were quite inspiring as well.

“Rainbows, I believe.” He answered Cali in all seriousness.

“Ugh,” Cali scoffed then spit on the ground. “I fucking hate rainbows. What business do any of us have with so many colors? Black, white, red and grey; those are more than enough. Maybe shiny grey.”

“Rainbows? Isn’t that child’s play? A little ice, little light, I don’t see how that’d open any sort of bridge though.” Varan asked.

“Summoning a rainbow isn’t hard … summoning one you can walk on through the cosmos to get to Asgard - more so.” Olin clarified. “Traditionally one would call on Heimdall to open the gates so anyone who knew what we need to do … is dead.” Olin explained, given he didn’t know that the sword thrown into the lake housed the spirit of Heimdall.

“Recall my earlier warning to Luna. Heimdall’s death was not absolute. He was dead, then alive with another’s body and memory. Balar and the elf knew him as Jorrik. I killed Heimdall and helped him transition back into his body, his divine body. And in return he helped me kill the Queen of the underworld. Helped us kill Hel. If we can summon him, and if he feels the debt has not been paid in full…” But Cali would much rather call in any remaining debt for her own benefit. What was Asgard to her?

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