Mar nodded. "I appreciate the help there, Manda-- I mean Rowan. Yeah, this bucket of bolts needs some TLC sadly, and I'm not engineer. We can figure out our next step once the repairs are finished." He watched Rowan speak to Serenity and wondered just what a Mandalorian could teach a padawan. The Sith inside him thought Rowan had nothing to offer aside from worthless ancient Mandalorian tactics and rituals. However, Mar knew his history, the Mandalorians had been a formidable force for many generations.

This was another instance where Mar himself would learn as much as his new students.

When Serenity returned and asked what they were going to do next he thought for a moment. He saw her tear stained cheeks and thought about berating her over crying. However, he had already come to the conclusion that he was going to need a subtler approach to his teachings with her. His features softened and he put his hand reassuring on her shoulder.

"First I would like to apologize... I didn't realize you had such doubts about your abilities and potential as a Jedi, it was foolish of me to brush over a still-healing wound like that. Second, I want you to recite me the Jedi code... If you can recall it that is, I am not sure what you've been taught by your previous masters."

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