Engine overhaul Quint style.

In the access hatch behind the upper baffles of the hyperdrive, Quint thought about what Mar had said. Isn’t that what she had been trying to articulated to he master.
She closed her eyes and focused the force letting it flow into the hyperdrive, it glowed with the power and quint could feel when the vibrations had caused the ports and drains to become out of phase.

She moved her hands to adjust the bolts down inside the hyperdrive reactor. It was hard to do and she had to stick her tongue out and close her eyes. She never even worried about the hum that the force was causing and how others would hear it and know that the power was off. She listened as she pushed and pulled the plate still the drive hummed with power. She moved her hands to tighten the bolts in place.

This was the biggest undertaking she had made with the force and she had pushed a lot of power through herself. What she did, they use hoists and cranes for. She put her head down on the pipes to rest for a bit. Spent.

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