The Tour Part 3

Melissa nodded at his words, he seemed very sincere. Raisins? Huh? It though only took a second to realize what he was asking. "Yes, I'd like that but it'll have to be a double date. The school and my friends aren't really letting me go outside the school alone, or with new guys they don't know that well." That last part certainly hinted at her friends more than the school. "It'll probably be like that until Doug's caught, at least." She said. "So, when would like this date to be?"

“It’s good you got friends like that,” Timber acknowledged. “They seemed like good friends. Some a little crazy, but good friends.”

He thought a moment. Tonight was out of the question. She had one already for tonight. He also needed to get situated into his room, classes, and training for the upcoming wrestling season. He wanted it to be a weekend, so they didn’t need to worry about the curfew.

“Next Friday sound good?” he asked. “And please don’t tell me it would be with Jack, Roxy, and Ashley. I know they’re nice. I mean Roxy gave me a ticket for tonight. But it would be a little strange.”

Melissa almost laughed at the Jack, Roxy and Ashley comment. Next Friday. "Next weekend is Parent's weekend. My parents will be flying in on Friday, in the afternoon but after that I'm free, all the events are on Saturday and Sunday. And no it would likely be with Courtney and Matt or maybe JD and Rose. I'll find out who's free." Melissa then said. "I'd like that."

Timber was in the clouds when Mel said yes. Now the problem was what to do. He didn’t know what was around here.

“Uh…I don’t know what’s here,” he confessed. “You know the place better. Where would you like to go?”

"Actually, I only know of a few places. There's a boardwalk, the beach. Do you like Mexican food?" Melissa asked

Being from mid-United States, Timber wasn’t used to having the beach and all the activities it offered nearby. “It sounds like a fun time. And yes, I do like Mexican!”

It took Timber a while to notice he still had Mel’s hands in his. He didn’t want to overextend his welcome, although it did feel nice to be holding her hands. He reached to pull his phone from his pocket. “Uh…can I have your number?”

"There's some great Mexican places here." Melissa's mind was going to what they might do and which couple she could ask to go with them.

His hand in hers felt nice, though it was starting to feel a little long, as they weren't dating. Phone number? "Sure," Melissa gave Timber her number.

Timber gratefully smiled, demonstrating his appreciation. “Thank you!”

He paused a moment to just take in the moment. “Well? Miss tour guide, shall we continue?” he said with a chuckle.

"Sure," Melissa stood up. When he was ready she led him down the hall a little turned and they came to another hallway. This area was buzzing with activity, as a number of students went in and out of different doors. "This hallway has all the rec rooms. Some of them can be reserved for private groups. We've done a party or sometimes just getting together in them. She stopped in front of one, and said. "This one has a large screen and a snack bar. Movies are sometimes shown here." Melissa kept walking and motioned to another set of glass doors, leading to another rec room. "This is the largest one. I'll show it to you, if you want."

Timber couldn’t imagine not wanting her to show him anything. He was enjoying this time with Mel even though it was just a tour of the campus. He looked forward to spending more time with her, Friday.

“You bet!” Timber acknowledged her inquiry. “Parties? I assume that’s the non-alcoholic ones,” he chuckled.

“While you’re showing me this room, what more can I know about you?”

She led him into the room, it was easy to see the two pool tables, and two air hockey tables. Students sitting at some of the tables or other areas, like cushioned chairs or one of the sofas. The food at the snack bar was pretty standard pizza slices, hot dogs, popcorn,drinks and the like.

"Oh, and the snack bars are free for students." Melissa added. "So, what do you want to know about me?"

“Oh wow!” Timber excitedly blurted. “Do you play pool?” he asked, instinctively beginning to rack the balls.

“What would I like to know about you?” he continued, lifting the triangle off the table, awaiting her reply about pool. “How about starting at the beginning. That way, each time we’re together, you can start where you left off.”

"Yes, I play." Melissa paused for several seconds. That question wasn't an easy one for her to answer. "My past is a" She had really thought he'd just ask questions and she'd answer with what she was comfortable with. Open ended was more difficult. "I can start at the beginning but this might take a while. Don't say I didn't warn you." Mel joked

Timber looked over the pool cues, selecting two of them and handing the best one to Mel. He turned his attention to her momentarily, smiled, and said, “I’ve all the time in the world. Well, at least the next three years!” he joked back.

Turning back to the table, he announced, “I’ll break.” The forcefully struck the cue ball, which soundly struck the one ball on point. The balls scattered over the tabletop, but none entered a pocket. He shrugged, looked at Mel, then affirmed, “I’ve given you plenty of options.”

Mel glanced around the room. "How about this? I might leave somethings out, right now. This is a small school with big ears and I don't need everyone knowing everything about me. I can you fill in when we are some place without so many people."

Melissa chalked the cue, and looked around the table. She the said, "I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lived there till I was six."

She lined up the shot, but then stopped. "Are we playing 8 ball? And do you prefer to call or not call shots?"

“Yep! Eight Ball!” Timber acknowledged. “I prefer the honor system. If you didn’t intend to make the shot, it’s up to you to surrender your turn. How’s that. I mean, I can pretty much assume the shot you are going for. Now the eight ball is given. You always call that shot.”

He took in what Mel revealed about herself. “That’s fair enough,” he confirmed. “You from Fort Wayne; me from Fort Dodge. Hmmm. Go on.”

Mel nodded. "That's sounds good."

"When I was six my mother was killed by a hit and run driver. My bio-father moved my older sister, Valerie, and I to a small farm in the middle of nowhere Montana."

Melissa line-up the shot and hit the blue and white striped number 10 into a side pocket. "Looks like I'm stripes."

Timber smiled when Mel leaned over to make the shot. She was pleasantly shapely, which hadn’t escaped his notice.

Yep, I’m solids!” he affirmed. “So both originally from towns named after forts and both from farms. It’s beginning to sound like we have a lot in common. Not to mention we both enjoy playing music. I just don’t have as pretty a voice,” he chuckled. “Nice shot, by the way!”

"Thanks." Mel smiled. She looked up, to the sound of "Hey, Mel." In a male voice approached.

Well, this just awkward but in a way institutes a test of sorts.

"Hi," Melissa responded to the boy with the dark hair, who appeared to be carrying a saxophone case. "Timber, this Jason. Jason this is Timber."

"Nice to meet you." Jason said in a friendly voice, with a slightly southern accent. Of course, he had no idea he was meeting competition but would have been friendly anyway. He had no claims on Mel and certainly wasn't going to act like he did.


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