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Rita made her way over to Doctor Adama after she finished her task to watch him for a bit.

"Everything meet your expectations?" She wondered. Botany seemed to please her well enough and the woman found a place that he had not just cleaned to lean against.

Adama nodded as he was finishing his clean up. He replied, "Yes ma'am, Dr. Ray. Everything seems to be in working order. Though... to be honest, I don't really use the lab much unless I get an odd sample or two. Usually I can ID the ore right off the bat and collect a lot of samples before cleaning them up. On the rare times I do use the lab, I often find an oddity or mutant formation. Sadly, I doubt its as interesting as the samples you and Dr. Blair come by, but it pays the bills. So how about yourself? Everything in working order?" Billy avoided eye contact with Dr. Rita since she was pretty but clearly off limits. He continued to focus on his equipment.

"Not a doctor...not yet..." Rita corrected. "Probably the only one of the science team without that title."

Rita noticed the lack of eye contact before shrugging. "Soon though this mission will provide the last bit I need for my paper and once it's published.." she made that clapping sound. Everyone with the title could relate. The dissertation process was grueling and it had to be done.

"Yeah. It seems to be." she continued, answering his question as she looked to the hydroponics bay. "I have some plants going. Should help us when we wake up, medical, herbal... ya know garlic is an amazing plant..."

She trailed off before tilting her head, "...something wrong? Do..." Rita gave herself a glance over. "I have something on my person?"

Adama chuckled at Rita's comment then looked at her with a grin. "No. You are fine, Ms. Del Ray. I am just trying to focus on my work for now. Working with pretty women tends to distract me a bit..."

Rita blushed at the pretty woman comment and then scoffed. "If you can't function around a pretty woman how did you get your title?" she retorted.

Adama just grinned. "...anyway, you seem to be spoken for already, so... I was just trying to give you some space. As for your plants I hope they grow well while we are in cryo. I know plants can be a bit touch-and-go on these long trips." Adama then looked back at his equipment to double check on his mental list.

In response to the 'taken' comment... "Huh? You mean Doctor Blaire... listen he is great and sweet but I didn't know who he was when we slept with each other." Rita moved to head out. "No one holds claim over me. I am not on this mission for romance... I am here to finish my paper, and get my degree."

Rita found all of this amusing, or at least as amusing as she could, given the circumstances.

"Well... I shalt not distract you then..." The woman said slipping back to her plants.

Adama chuckled and waved as Rita left to her plants and replied, "I see. Good luck . Have fun with your plants".

He refrained from responding to her question of earning his title. He worked hard to earn his degrees, but he also slept with a lot of women as well along the way. As he did the math in his head, he could very well be a father and/or grandfather to several kids he never met after his one night stands. However, it was different when having to work with anyone since, if it didn't work out, he was stuck with them till the contract was up. He learned long ago not to "dip his paintbrush in company paint", since it was not worth the headache. True, he could be missing out on his future spouse, but the odds were bad and he suffered too many bad experiences along the way. After so many bad hook-ups, he decided not to get too close to any women while on a contract mission. He planned to play the field after he retired and settle down when he was rich enough.

Rita chuckled as she made her way back to her plants. "Ooh, I will. You play with your..." She pause, "rocks..." The word came with a flirtatious wink as she headed back to her area of the lab.

"In all seriousness though.." Rita called out across the lab. "Not here to flirt. I don't... Doctor Blaire and I probably will have to have a chat before cyro to make sure this isn't going to be an issue."

Adama nodded as he replied, "It's cool Ms. Del Ray. I'm not here to judge. However if you need help analyzing the soil on the planet, let me know. The equipment here is ideal for that and I do a similar check with my sample collection. By doing that I can get a better clue to the layers of rock I will be drilling through. I like to prepare myself before I give my target a good deep-smooth drilling." Adama smirked as he let that comment slip out. He then wiped the lab counter to avoid eye contact with Rita again as he held in his smirk.

Rita chuckled, "A good smooth drilling is... always a good thing." Rita smiled as she started to clean up her area a bit. She shook her head and continued chuckling quietly. "Its going to be...an interesting mission..."

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