Possibility and Promise

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Rita thought about the possibilities ahead and offered from across the lab, "Hey. Wouldn't it be fascinating if we found a rock and flora hybrid? That would make an interesting collab?"

Adama smirked as he pondered the thought then had a disturbing image in his mind before he replied, "Ahh... you mean like the Chrysomallon squamiferum or better known as the Volcano Snail. It has an iron shell and sclerites which is rare. The volcano snail lives comfortably in temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we found a plant version of that it would be a pretty big deal. I bet that would easily earn you your PhD. Of course we are assuming it is safe to collect a living sample and its not radioactive or toxic to the crew."

Rita stopped to think for a moment. "I am sure we could work out a way to safely house it. I mean it would be a xeno, so we would have to have the xeno biologist help take care of it. And just our luck it will like things toasty..."

Rita considered the scenario. "I mean... if anything, we have a synth that we can have collect it..." Rita started to chew on her lower lip as she thought about other ways around possible dangers. "Maybe a baby version of it would be easier..."

Rita was starting to sound like the type of woman that totally would bring home the baby version of some sort of killer animal/plant because it was cute.

Adama smirked at her comments and then replied, "Well to be on the safe side, its best to collect all the data before discussing it with the crew in safety protocols. Science discoveries are great till we have to deal with a killer parasite infecting the whole crew." Adama was a bit worried Rita could get lost in the moment of a big discovery.

Rita looked at Adama and frowned, "Oh I am sure my death will totally be because I said 'pst pst pst' to the wrong thing." She chuckled. "I will try to not have it be something that kills you all also." She winked at him.

"Right... Observe, record, from a distance, until the crew falls in love also..." Rita nodded and there was a bit of mirth in her voice to portray simply she wasn't going to do anything too stupid.

"Besides I am sure Doctor Blaire will tell me if something is 'pet okay' or 'pet not okay' before I pet it..."

Adama smirked at the way Rita phrased her comment. It was obvious they were playing with a game of words. He replied, "Well, I get your eagerness to prove yourself as a scientist, and I am sure you have what it takes to be successful. As I grew up, I got to see a lot of troublesome things and the one big lesson I learned from all that was fame, fortune and the universe's secrets are useless when you're dead. I know I sound like a Debbie Downer by saying this, but sometimes we have to remember the cold bitter truth of history, science and human nature. So when I am onto something big, I ask myself the following questions: Will this make me rich?, Will this make me famous?, Will this attract the greedy types?, and Will this come back to bite me in the ass? This way of life has kept me alive this whole time." Adama showed a hint of sadness and pain in his eyes, but smiled as he looked at Rita for a moment before looking back to his lab station and continuing his cleaning.

"Don't do anything you will regret and don't regret anything you do." Rita nodded, "One of my best friends in life told me that once while I was trying to figure out what to do about something... I don't even remember any more." Rita tossed her hand before moving closer to grab something to clean with.

She started to help him, "Don't worry, this... expedition... is going to be more profitable then we know. I can promise that. I just can't promise if its knowledge, experience or money that will present the wealth..." Rita admitted as she started to clean the table with him.

Adama nodded and replied, "Yeah. Well I noticed every scientist I meet has a different reason for getting into their careers. Some do it to become famous with a big discovery, some want to solve the mysteries of the universe out of curiosity, some want to escape their past with a better option, and some want to make big money and this is their best option. I fall in the last option and seem to be in the minority across the board, but it pays the bills and I am not stuck in the same place a long time." Adama recalled some bad memories of his past and then moaned as he focused on cleaning.

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