Checking Stations

CSCSS Nomad > B Deck > Bridge
On the course to Senku’sha Maru outpost, Alistair Maddox went over the battle station console which showed stats and controls for weapons systems and countermeasures. On the Nomad these consisted of a light railgun mounted beneath B Deck, which could be accessed from the armory where an airtight turret pod held manual controls and a loading bay.

Mounted to the dorsal exterior of the vessel was an electronic countermeasure unit that could scramble sensors to help evade incoming fire from enemy ships.

Both systems could be remotely controlled from the battle station on the bridge, but the railgun typically maneuvered better with a manual gunner.

Maddox was excited to see the weaponry on the expedition ship. The rail gun itself looked to be quite strong, Maddox had stints of being a gunner in his military life. He’d been known as a great shot and wished to continue that into service on this expedition. He always did enjoy putting his life on the line to protect those around him.

The countermeasure unit used to scramble sensors from other ships was a little advanced, but was sure he would get the hang of it. He knew he could be up to any task as long as he had a little time to figure things out.

Checking the life support station, Russ Garrett was satisfied with the data output. Air scrubbers were at 100%, and filtration was performing nominally, turning CO2 back into oxygen and the hull was free of any breaches. The ratio of 21% oxygen to 78% nitrogen was set for the atmospheric pressure akin to earth at sea level. The ship had plenty of water, stored in several large tanks and used for drinking, showering, and oxygen processing. Much of the used water could be recycled, even from the crew's urine. The temperature was a comfortable 68° Fahrenheit. The artificial gravity was hovering around 1g.

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