Special Order Not Rescinded

“Hell of a stunt, Marshal. But I’ll be damned. It worked.” said Cpt McCormick, clapping Roberts on his shoulder. “What say we get our asses out of here?”

"By all means, let's. The faster; the better." replied Roberts.

Paddy Lohan makes a b-line to the helm and starts to set the trajectory for Sutter's World.
"Are we ready, Captain?" he asks.

"Captain, do yo still have that message I gave you for the Marines? I would send it now. Just so you know, I was not for rescue but to destroy any ship in the area. That the danger was too great and could be a danger to the human race. But ya. Send it." requested Roberts.

"Yes, I've already done it." the Captain replies.

The Montero turns to meet its heading and once it straightens out it begins to move forward. A slow crawl of distant stars disappears past the viewport, but as the Montero reaches a distance of about 500 meters, the engines power down.

A familiar voice comes over the Monter intercom system.
"...Special order 966... ...access denied... ...Proceed with the mission directive...

Priority #1
Recover scientific data / samples from the USCSS Cronus.

Paddy sighs and lowers his head. "I was afraid of that."

"Yeah, we did! And we have! Let it know that. Well... we will drift for a bit away from the other ship." said Roberts.

"Just what kind of data or samples did we recover, Roberts?" Captain McCormick asked. "That tiny dead alien critter?"

"Yup, nothing like the real thing to study. That alone is priceless to any company. Now if the computer thinks I am going back over there, it's lost its data. It's not worth it to die over. You should tell the computer that it will fail in its mission if we all die. And say The Marshal said NO. Hell no. Nothing over there is worth it. Now if it wants to keep this up, then I will blow that ship up. Tell that to it." Roberts said in anger.

The Captain disappears into the MUTHUR mainframe just off to the side of the bridge.

...Special order 966...
Priority #3 complete

Surviving crew on the Cronus rescued:
- Lori Clayton, Weyland Corp Liaison

...Proceed with the mission directive...

Priority #1
Record sample data
Upload reports and existing scientific data to the Montero mainframe.

Priority #2
Escort the salvaged Cronus to Anchorpoint Station or the nearest W-Y facility.

A muffled "FUCK YOU, son of a bitch!" comes from behind the closed door of MUTHUR's mainframe.

"That did not go well." Roberts mumbled.

The Captain storms back out and walks over to Roberts.
"I'd say let's blow this goddamned ship away but I'm afraid of what this homicidal computer will do next." he whispers. "Got any ideas? It's almost like we're right back where we started with this whole situation. I'm going to have Roku and Jensen make a record of the samples we have. He thinks for a moment.

"Were you able to recover anything besides the little dead thing?"

"Not that I know of, unless that pod we brought over has something. I have no idea if it has data recorders or back ups from the ship" said Roberts.

"What about our guests? Did the Cronus crew bring anything with them?"

"Don't know. Only found something with Bruce. Something was growing in him. We got it out. So don't know what to say to that. I guess we check their stuff, but be in some type of proactive suit. I guess I can check, hell, I am suited up already. Then I can flame the room. Also we can enter data on what we got."

"We'll have a talk with Ms Clayton. See what she has to say about all of this. But first, I need more coffee." Kenny sighed.

"Ya. Coffee. Buy me a cup?" asked Roberts. "Then I will look through the room that thing just came out of."

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