Looking for Intel

JP with Omni and redsword_7

USCSS Montero > B Deck

After a brief coffee break, the Captain and the Marshal reached the quarantine rec area.

Roberts immediately found the crumpled body of Valerie Reyes just behind a lounge to the left side of the room. The shotgun she borrowed from him rested by her side. "Stand back." he warned as he brought his weapon up, carefully walking around looking over the body and surroundings.

It was clear that Reyes had been killed while protecting herself from the abomination that used to be Albert Johns. "Damn. Well... Nice last stance." Roberts commented.

The bullet casings from Clayton’s magnum laying by the door suggested she had helped Reyes fend off the attack.

It was then that Roberts recalled Clayton collecting things around the Corporate Suite just before fleeing the Cronus on the EEV.

"You know, Cap. Clayton might have brought stuff over from the other ship. Now we just have to find it."

“Yeah. Let’s get with her and log whatever information she has. As for Second Officer Reyes, we should probably give her a proper send off.” replied the Captain.

"Great idea. The more information we have, the better." said Roberts.

He picked up the shotgun and ammo and they made their way back down the halls to the Medlab. Through the lateral window they could see Roku tapping at a control pad for the Medpod and taking a blood sample from Clayton.

The door slid open with a familiar whoosh as the Captain entered the sterile smelling room. He sipped his coffee and looked down at Clayton through the pod lid.

“Excuse the intrusion Doc. Lori Clayton? I am Captain Kenny McCormick. Welcome aboard the USCSS Montero. Normally I’d say it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance but you’ll forgive me, I’m sure. These unorthodox circumstances have been anything but pleasurable. I need everything you brought over and every bit of information you can tell me about your mission aboard that cursed ship and I wouldn’t hold anything back if you ever want to see planetside again. That’s not a threat from me, MU/TH/UR, our ship’s AI has burdened us with a mission to recover samples, scientific data, crew and the vessel we rescued you from. She won’t allow us to leave without fulfilling sufficient priorities. I’ll give you some privacy to finish up here and then I’d like you to meet with me.”

Lori Clayton didn’t say a word, just nodded sullenly and the Captain took his leave.

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