Little Choice

JP with Omni and redsword_7

USCSS Montero > A Deck > Bridge

“Roberts, just how in the hell am I supposed to upload data from this damned device when it’s funky tech that requires a special adapter?” The Captain groaned in obvious irritation. He gave the data cube back to Roberts.

After leaving the Captain, Roberts went to check out the EEV hoping to find something he could use. After about 15 minutes he knew what he needed was not there.

“There was nothing on board that EEV that can help us with this. Maneuver the ship so I can use the grappling gun and go back over for a cable.” he said.

“You sure about this?” the Captain asked.

“Do we have a choice?” Roberts replied.

“Fair point. Are you planning on going solo?”

“We don't have much crew left. Besides, it's not the first time on my own in a shitty situation. I will go reload ammo.”

“Understood. Paddy, let’s get into position. Where do you plan on checking first, Marshal?”

Roberts thought for a moment, "I bet the data cable is used in more than one place. Probably near a comms panel. That would be my best guess. So I will start from the suite where we exited.”

“If I could, I’d rather send the Company man to finish WY’s dirty work. But the bastard caught himself a parasite and had to have nasal surgery… “ the Captain shook his head and sighed. “Ah… I should probably go easy on the guy. His face looks like a blueberry and he’s doped up on Naproleve.”

Roberts smiled and laughed then he remembered, "Damn, I need to get Clayton’s access card. I bet I will need it. Let me go get that. Be right back, Cap."

“Roger, we will get into close proximity of the ship.”

Roberts left the bridge, rushing to the Cryo room.

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