Access and Intel

Roberts entered the Cryo chamber. He looked around, checking on Clayton, of course, leading with his M41A. Everything was as expected so he rifled the through the pockets of her clothes that she left on the floor.

Among the clothes, he found Clayton's magnum, one reload and a Weyland Corp priority access card. He took it all and headed toward his locker to reload his own weapons. When he was finished, he made his way to the airlock.

“Ready when you are, Marshal.” said the Captain as he sipped his coffee and punched in the final settings in his datapad.

“I’ll be able to monitor you through the systems built in your suit just like before. Uploading Cronus layout to your HUD. It won’t include bio-signatures however since we lost connection with the Cronus’ mainframe. To get that up, we would have to resync. You should take the tracker.”

Paddy gracefully maneuvered the Montero into position along side the port flank of the Cronus.

Roberts keyed his radio. "Captain, I am in position. Going to open the outer door."

He studied the ship, watching for any movement of those things on the hull. When he was sure it was safe he fired the grapple gun.

The harpoon flew across the gaps between the ships and pierced the outer hull of the Cronus just above the hatch.

"See ya, Cap. Be back soon. ...well, I hope.," he says as he reels himself across the cable.

The standby light on the escape access hatch glowed yellow orange indicating that the pressure of the interior of the Corporate Suite matched the vacuum of space. Roberts knew that if the card worked on this door, he was clear to enter.

Roberts thought for a moment and made sure his magnetic boots were activated and that he was securely attached to the ship. He swiped the card and readied his M41A. He took a step back and activated his tack flashlight. At this point, he could not remember if the lights were still on or not.

The hatch opened and he climbed into the airlock, but waited for a minute before opening the hatch going into the ship. Making sure nothing coming in after him.

Roberts was able to navigate the zero g of the room with no trouble. Various pieces of clothing and other office items hung suspended, scattered around the corporate suite and strewn about from their previous hasty escape.

Roberts found the data port installed inside the computer access terminal but there was no cord adapter anywhere in the room. He definitely didn't have the tools to uninstall the drive from the machine and wondered if it would even help as the slightly upgraded tech in the Montero didn’t quite match this tech. He grabbed a floating data disc and decided to try his luck at accessing and downloading all of the Cronus information from the terminal.

He inserted the data disc and the corporate access card. When he came to the file destination he was prompted by a message, "Access Denied. Scientific data is inaccessable from this terminal without a second mode of authentication. Please enter an authorized passcode."

Roberts sighed and gathered the card and data disc. He would have to try for direct access in either the Medlab or Science Lab so he moved out into the port side corridor of B Deck. The hall was clear. The door toward the forward area of the ship was mangled from the damage the Abomination had caused earlier. The door to the aft of the ship was closed. Roberts pulled out the Motion Tracker from his pack and powered it on. Instantly he saw the several green blips of movement silently pulsing on the screen. There was erratic movement in the central air scrubbers shaft and another blip coming from the starboard aft of the ship. He knew he needed to head that way toward the labs.

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