To The Lab

JP with Omni redsword_7

USCSS Cronus > B Deck > Central Port-side Corridor

“Marshal, how's it looking over there? You good?” asked the Captain. “Should I send over Paddy?”

"Don't know... If we lose him we could be in a lot of trouble. I know I can't fly these ships. On the other hand, we are not going anywhere anyway." Roberts grunted, "Ah... shit, go ahead, Cap. Send him to the same entrance point. I will be there to meet him.

“Ok, Roberts. He was already suited up and itching to join. Hold tight unless you feel you can move confidently.” replies the Captain.

"I will see him at the door.," said Roberts as he moved back to where he came in and waited for Paddy to arrive.

Just a few minutes later, the hatch opened and Paddy entered silently into the Corporate Suite wielding the M41A Pulse rifle he took from the pirates. He nodded to the Marshal, smiling from behind the cold glass of his space helmet.

“Let’s rock.” He said confidently over comms.

Together, the two men made their way into the corridor that ran along the port side of the ship and headed aft-ward toward the door that would lead first to the living quarters, all the while keeping the tracker hot.

Beyond the door, the hallways of the living quarters were clear and quiet. Paddy kept overwatch as Roberts took point through the corridors.

Checking the motion tracker again, Roberts detected movement 120 ft to the aft starboard side of the ship, most likely the Science Lab. They passed the central lateral corridor that held elevators at both ends. The MedLab would be just ahead beyond the living quarters on the right.

Roberts opened the door to the next corridor and his attention was immediately drawn to the long window of the Science Lab that ran along the left side of the hall. The lights were flickering erratically but something about it was strange. Examining it closer, Roberts realized that it wasn't the light inside the Lab but the window itself was… malfunctioning?

The window was installed with electronic blinds, a type of high tech visibility shield that was expensive and generally used for security/privacy. Beyond the blinking blinds, they could make out the destroyed Science Lab.

There was an enclosed decontamination area on the main examination table and under the decon hood floated a perfectly preserved metallic urn. A flickering deep cold freezer with a smashed glass door contained four more of these urns inside. A black ooze had seeped out of them and seemed to have congealed along the floor. But the ooze now was dripping upward and forming levitating spheres due to the lack of gravity. Among the floating debris was an assortment of bones... possibly human.

Paddy smiled as the adrenaline pumped through his veins.

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