Science Data

Roberts sneered at the view of the Science Lab.

"I don't like it. I don't think we should go in there. Damn, wish we had a Flamer. Oh well."

“Yeah, I wish. But its useless without air, the fuel won't continue burning.” replied Paddy.

They turned their attention to the MedLab on the right side of the hall. Through the door, they could see a countertop aligned with a row of large, free-floating specimen jars, some of which were full. The room was decked with cabinets, medical equipment and a computer terminal.

"Let's do the med lab first nothing is moving in here I hope." said Roberts as he brought up the M41A and shined his light into the lab.

The MedLab was clear of any movement. Paddy pressed the button, the door slid open silently, and they entered. Roberts searched around the Med lab hoping to find what he was looking for or any other information he could get from this place.

The two men saw no sign of a data cube adapter, but there was a terminal at the far side of the room. Two of the specimen jars contained small pickled creatures comparable to the alien that burst out of Dr Cooper. A smaller, dry specimen jar, contained the same fuzzy grey fungal nodes that the crew encountered and incinerated throughout the ship.

Above the desk, next to that was an open metallic urn. Four organic-looking glass vials were inside —three of which were intact with some kind of black liquid within them, while the fourth was cracked open and empty. The contents were nowhere to be seen.

There was a door leading further into the Lab where two MedPods stood, one with its plexiglass tube splintered and shattered as if something broke out of it. The other was sealed and lit from within, but the entire inner surface of the plexiglass was covered in thick dried blood.

The shattered medpod appeared to be functional, but the environment was pretty unsanitary.

Roberts made his way to the access terminal, it was still operable. He inserted the data disc and began to download a backup of the MedLab science data. As he did so, Paddy kept his eyes open for anything else that might be helpful and found a load of useful meds and kits in the cabinets.

Personal Medkit x 2
Surgical Instruments
Naproleve x 2 doses
Neversleep pills x 2 doses

Under the desk he found another medkit case containing six syringes full of brown liquid.

When he was done, Roberts looked over to Paddy, "Hey, good find. Bring it with us. Let's blow this place and get back to the ship." he said putting the disk into a protective pouch. He readied the M41A and signaled Paddy to open the door.

Paddy nodded, “I’m following you.” He stowed away his findings on belt clamps and they flopped around in zero G as he moved to the door.

Roberts stepped out and looked around. "Paddy, I have an idea. I am done with all of this. Let's go to the reactor room and blow this ship up. What do you think?" asked Roberts.

A smile crept across Paddy’s face and he held his Pulse Rifle proudly. “Hell yes.” he said.

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