Return of the Ghost

Roberts turned to the right and marched down the corridor signaling for Paddy to open the next door to the intersection.

They pressed forward headed for the B2 Junction, turning into the corridor between the Science Labs, they saw a familiar sight. Crawling upside down on the piping along the ceiling was an eyeless, ghostly white creature with a conical head, its skin charred from the flamer blast it took earlier.

"Ah... shit! Fire!" Roberts yelled and fired the shotgun high explosive round wildly at the thing as it leapt at them. He missed the alien, blowing a pipe instead which blasted a cone of steam into the corridor.

The Neomorph jumped at Roberts, grabbing him and dragging him along the ceiling away, through the steam and to into Science Lab 2 before releasing him.

Paddy blindly followed into the field of mist that began coalescing into a large sphere in the center of the corridor.

Roberts flailed in zero g, dropping his rifle and motion tracker. When he kicked himself loose, he pulled his way back across the piping out into the hall and began to lower his mag boots back to the floor as Paddy quickly ran up and fired a short controlled burst in the direction of the creature.

Paddy didn’t bother waiting to see the alien crumple into a floating messy husk as he slammed his hand on the button, sliding the door silently closed. He locked it.

“You good, Marshal?” Roberts heard Paddy's voice over the comms and felt his reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"I got banged up but I will live. Good shooting by the way. Let's get moving before more things show up." Roberts recovers his M41A and made sure it is still working. Then they started back toward the B2 junction door. Roberts put himself on overwatch as they moved.

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