Easy Kill

The Marshal and the Pilot enter B2 junction. Both floor and ceiling hatches are sealed with blinking lights signifying a pressure difference.

Paddy begins pressurization of the junction as Roberts looks around to see if there was any damage to the room. Everything was in order but the junction door was smeared with bloody hand prints and there were traces of ruddy smudges and spatter near the hatches. Other than the obvious signs of some injury, there were light scuffs and scratches on the floors or walls noting hurried traffic through the area at some point. With the return of the air pressure came the return of noise. The men could hear their mag boots gently connecting with the floor as they moved.

Once it was pressurized, Roberts, on overwatch with his M41A, gave Paddy the signal to open the hatch.

Paddy opened the hatch to C2 Junction and stepped back aiming his rifle.

Floating in a heap at the bottom of the ladder was a mangled-looking body with elongated limbs; too long for a human. Whoever this was, they suffered the fate of mutating into one of those horrific things.

The abomination appeared lifeless, but Roberts knew better than to trust that. It could be in a state of hibernation probably from lack of stimulation or perhaps the cold temperature aboard the Cronus.

Paddy looked at Roberts expectantly and whispered hoarsely over comms, “Free to engage?”

Roberts smiled, "If it moves, kill it. We are the only two good guys here, so it makes it easy. So, on take aim." He did the same. "Fire!"

Together they blasted the thing below them in the lower junction rending its body apart at the stomach. The disfigured thing shuddered and flailed angrily as it woke from its dormancy. They did not waste any time.

Roberts fired his shotgun again hitting the chest of the Abomination which screamed a horrific sound. The Frag 12 high explosive round hit the upper part of the chest blowing the head clean off. Body parts spun and splattered around the lower junction. "I am sure they heard that." he said.

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