15 Parsecs From Paradise

December 28th, 2183 EC | 2.3.6 SW
Late Summer
6:00/21 SW-CP-Local Time

Sutter's World > Crowning Point > Residential Hex > Corporate Suite

Colonial Administrator Johan Weisz turned on the light above the bathroom sink and blinked groggily at himself in the mirror. Her turned on the cold water and splashed it onto his face to wrench the sleep from his eyes. He filled a tumbler, rinsed his mouth out and spat into the basin before taking a moment to stare at the wedding ring in an empty dish that he had removed 5 years ago.

He picked it up, spinning it between his fingers. Moving out of the bathroom, he turned off the light and returned to the dim living area of the suite and over to his balcony doors that overlooked Cradle Bay. The coast was bathed in an overcast predawn light giving everything a blueish grey hue. Opening the glass doors, he stepped out onto the terrace, cold, wet, sea wind whipping his blue and white pjs.

Sutter's World was at the ass-end of Rimward Frontier space, several parsecs away from any other populated settlement, the closest being Anchorpoint Station 8.51 parsecs Coreward. It was 15 parsecs away from his family, the wife and daughter he had "left behind" on Alexandria in the Core Systems New Eden Sector.

But that was wrong, he hadn't left them, Miranda had divorced HIM, and now THEY were 15 parsecs away from true paradise. Sutter's was not just another backwater shake-and-bake terraform colony, it was a true Terra Nova and it was possible that some of other planets in the system could be easily terraformed. Jeofrey Sutter had hit the jackpot when he put his claim on the planet.

Weisz wound up his arm to toss the ring into the wind but his heart stopped him. Word would eventually spread and the masses would flock to Sutter's, turning it into another overpopulated cyberpunk dystopia like Earth, but that was years in the making and as long as things ran well with his his prospects, Weisz had it made here and maybe he could convince his wife that this was their new home.

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