Morning Run

December 28th, 2183 EC | 2.3.6 SW
6:15/21 SW-CP-Local Time

Johan was lonely when he left Alexandria and without his family he knew he would continue to be lonely as work colleagues were just that, work colleagues. So he had bought a puppy. She was a yellow lab and he named her Soleil. That was five years ago. The dog was fully grown now.

"Are you ready, baby?" Weisz asked Soleil in a mollycoddling as he put on his gold watch. By this point she had overtaken his bed. "Come on, girl. You know you're not supposed to be up there."

He kissed at the dog who just let out a heavy dog sigh and flitted her eyes around pretending not to listen. She just snuggled into the covers more with her head on her paws.

"Soleil." he warned her, drawing it out So-laaaaay. Finally he said sternly in German,"Soleil, Kome!".

Soleil begrudgingly got to her feet and stepped down from the bed.

"That's right. Who's the goodest girl?" he knelt beside her and ruffled her fur continuing his baby-talk.

"You love our morning runs don't you? Come on."

He grabbed his sport pack and strapped it on. Together they trotted through the hall, down the elevator, and through the glass doors of the lobby toward the parkway. The sun was still well below the mountains to the East but already the sky was beginning to clear and brighten.

It only took about 10 minutes to run from the Residential Hex, through the Park Hex, and into the office while many people woke up as late as possible, taking golf carts, atvs, and other methods of small transportation to the offices and labs, Weisz took his time, enjoying the outdoors with his pup.

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