A Scientist's Work

Posting for Enderslayer
December 28th, 2183 EC | 2.3.6 SW
8:07/21 SW-CP-Local Time

Dr Keth Broadsworth was tapping the keyboard at his console, quickly going through the hassle of reading or deleting emails when he got a reminder to check an email he had flagged months ago. He opened it.


It was now nearing the time of arrival for the expected cargo vessel Montero. Broadsworth scoffed at the idea of working with others to get that job done.

He turned away from the terminal and faced his latest experiment, a large, semi-translucent bug hooked up to wires to power an old piece of used tech. Some would call him mad, but it wouldn't be the first or the last time such techniques would be used in the name of innovation.


in case the image craps out, it reads:

From: Michael Bishop
To: Keth Broadsworth

Dr Broadworth,

Congratulations on your recent discoveries on Sutter’s World. These are exciting times. The Bio-Research division patiently anticipates your research on the biological specimen known as XX135 Tempestas Muscam (Storm Fly). As you well know, our study and application of extra-solar, xeno-biological species are important for the future improvement of our colonies and the innovation of our products. Your funding for the next initiative of research will arrive in your corporate account upon receival of this transmission as well as a bonus upon your next quarterly report.

With that said, I have a special project for you. The freighter USCSS Montero is enroute to Sutter’s World with a delivery of Helium 3 for the Crowning Point settlement. If fortune is on our side, the crew will also be bringing in some highly classified biological specimens.

I NEED YOU to reach out to me directly upon their arrival and ensure that the Montero crew stays grounded on Sutter’s World. They are expected sometime around late December - early January E.C. (Earth Calendar).

Keep up the good work, Dr.

Michael Bishop | Director of Special Projects
Weyland-Yutani Corporation


You have received 26,000 WY.


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