December 28th, 2183 EC | 2.3.6 SW
7:15/21 SW-CP-Local Time

Brandon Hettinger the colony's Assistant Operations Manager spotted Colonial Administrator Weisz entering the office and hurried to catch up with him. Weisz, who was by this point showered and dressed for work, was headed toward the coffee, followed along by his dog, Soleil.

"Johan." he called to him.

"Ah, morning Brandon. How was the game last night?" Weisz asked without stopping his quest. He was already removing a cigarette from the pack of Balaji Imperial that he kept in his inner breast pocket and now lighting it with a flick of a small, shiny black torch lighter.

"Oh, it was fine. No, it was good. We had a good night. Just uh, wish you could've joined us. Anyway, uh... Well we've got something here. We're detecting an anomaly over at farm and hatchery substation." Hettinger handed the Seegson datapad to the Weisz and he started perusing the information.

"Anomaly..." Weisz mumbled to himself with the cigarette hanging from his mouth.

"Probably Storm Flies again." came a woman's voice peaking from behind a cubicle.

"Probably so." Weisz agreed as he handed back Hettinger's tablet.

"Get Colonial Security and the Science team on it. We don't want another blackout like last summer. What a nightmare that was. Killed the whole damned MUTHUR system, now we're stuck with this..." he struggled to find the words "this off-brand... Seegson stuff." He waved his hands around in generalization, sending trails of smoke with it.

"Right, I'm on it." said Hettinger who immediately headed for his desk.

Weisz stopped at the coffee maker and prepared a pot of his favorite, Morgen Braun as he peered past the blinds out the third floor office window into the southeast. He imagined he could see a low cloud of birds, but it could damn well be "The Squall", a term the Science team coined for the yearly swarm of pests otherwise known as Storm Flies.

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