Encouragement and an Offer

Bevil shyly turned his attention to Walter, "Oh Hi. The party is great!" He gave him a smile, but once he mentioned Mia, Bevil turned bright red, "I uh, oh she..... won't notice me, she is way out of my league." He looked at Mia, and back at Walter. "I'm curious about one thing, what do you think about remixes?" He gave him a friendly smile.

"I'm gonna tell you what I think about remixes," Wally smiled, looking past Bevil to where Mia was chatting with Vamil and then back to the lizard-boy, "In just a second, but dude, hear me out. There is no 'league' to be in or out of. There's just you and a person you like. Maybe she likes you back. Maybe she doesn't. But you don't lose anything if you shoot your shot, man. We gotta get you a chance to go talk to her. Put a pin in that, we're gonna revisit it." He grinned.

"Okay, so...remixes." Wally nodded solemnly. "If God didn't want us remixing tracks, he wouldn't have given use digital audio workshop software. Seriously, some cuts are way too sick to only be used in one arrangement, right? Curious as to why you're asking though. You got some sick tracks you wanna to get on the mix...?"

"Hey!" Wally gestured to the stage. "Why don't you come chill with me in the DJ box?" He offered. "You can help me put together the next setlist, and if you've got some stuff to hear, I'm super glad to preview it."

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