Odd Question

Time: Summer
Place: Ellisare Manor

Joseph gave small smile, "I'm been doing well." He got cut off by Vamir, who spoke to Mia, Joseph turned his attention back to Jack, "So Jack, what do you exactly do? Training wise. I should work out more." Even though he looked skinny, Joseph was actually very fit and athletic, didn't help that his alter ego Red X always wanted to show off. "Also, how long has it been since you were last at Point Break City?"

Jack was shocked by Joseph's question since it came out of the blue. However since he was actually having a conversation he replied.

Jack: Well other than running, push ups and sits up I do Martial Arts. Since we moved a lot I had to changed dojo's a lot. When I was young I use to train at Mia's family dojo but that was a long time ago. My dad wanted me to learn self control so he kept me in it. What about you Joseph?

Bevil shyly turned his attention to Walter, "Oh Hi. The party is great!" He gave him a smile, but once he mentioned Mia, Bevil turned bright red, "I uh, oh she..... won't notice me, she is way out of my league." He looked at Mia, and back at Walter. "I'm curious about one thing, what do you think about remixes?" He gave him a friendly smile.


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