Party it up

Jack: Well other than running, push ups and sits up I do Martial Arts. Since we moved a lot I had to changed dojo's a lot. When I was young I use to train at Mia's family dojo but that was a long time ago. My dad wanted me to learn self control so he kept me in it. What about you Joseph?
Joseph looked over at Mia before looking back at Jack, "Explains that a bit, well when I was younger my dad taught me how to defend myself. That was a long time ago, and he's kinda in prison. Turned out he gotten into some dirty stuff. So my mom had me go through therapy afterwards, so now I take a walk to relax. Who knew walking keeps you fit. That was pretty much it on my part." He relaxed.

"Okay, so...remixes." Wally nodded solemnly. "If God didn't want us remixing tracks, he wouldn't have given use digital audio workshop software. Seriously, some cuts are way too sick to only be used in one arrangement, right? Curious as to why you're asking though. You got some sick tracks you wanna to get on the mix...?"

"Hey!" Wally gestured to the stage. "Why don't you come chill with me in the DJ box?" He offered. "You can help me put together the next setlist, and if you've got some stuff to hear, I'm super glad to preview it."
Bevil smiled, "That actually sounds awesome, my remixes aren't that good, just remixes of rock music, kinda basic. I wouldn't mind seeing what it's like to be the DJ, sounds great!" Bevil became excited at the idea of being a DJ, or at least around their set up.

Joseph looked over at Bevil before looking at Jack, "Now he has backed up, can I ask you some questions, about Mia. You see, the blue lizard that was with me, is kinda shy. He also has some, feelings towards Mia. He's helped me with a lot, so I want to at least try and return the favor." He glanced at Bevil, than Mia. He turned back to Jack, "Unless she already has someone."

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