17: Namor McKenzie (General Post)

Namor might have considered his year ahead was going to be ‘interesting’ as the table got quiet. Eye contact ceased, attempts at conversation were closed down with monosyllabic responses. As the students finished up their meals they left one by one or in pairs. As they moved away to dispose of their plates and trays, muted conversations started up again, and they came together as a group again near the entrance.
Last to leave were the twins.
“Hey Johnny is everyone heading into town still?” Gaius asked.
“Yeah, want to tag along? Looks like it’s going to be a fun one.” Johnny paused and looked back. “Hey Tommy, Nori. We’re heading out as soon as we got changed. You coming?”
There was a hurried conversation between the Welsh and Japanese boys. “Next time,” Tommy called out.
“Have you seen Min?”
Another brief chit chat. “Dunno mate, message him.”
With a wave the twins joined their friends.
Ryusaku walked by, very upright with his food tray with its empty plate before him. He greeted but did not join the group.
It looked as if the first tranche of luncheoneers had finished and the refectory was all but empty now.
The tail end of conversation, that had been lost in the hubbub of the dining hall, drifted across from the table of the ‘X-Men’.
“Since when?” Posh English guy.
“Best part of a month now.” Mixed race guy.
“You sure?” PE again.
“No, we’re making this shit up J.” MR.
“Sorry, note to self engage brain before talking.”
B patted PE on the shoulder in a ‘don’t worry about it’ gesture.
“We are too thinly spread.” Blond South African. “Tessa’s swamped. We need to have eyes on the ground.”
“There’s a limit to how many paces we can be at one time.” PE
“We ain’t even coverin’ this fucki’ country, let alone the rest of the world.” MR.
“Tessa won’t stop. All this remote work she is doing… Sooner or later that vrou is gonna to break.”
“The Professor’s Underground is pretty effective. That’s ‘ow we know ‘e’s missin’.” MR.
“Underground is invaluable but they aren’t trained, we cannot risk compromising them. We ask too much of them already. Harry how are you fixed for a trip to LA?” PE.
“Can’t. Got this weird spirit thing going on in town.” MR.
“Noah?” PE.
“Yeah I can go. Regular schedule flight?” BSA.
“No, fuckin’ way.” MR.
“Indeed. I can see if Jim is free to fly you, but otherwise it’s packet of peanuts for your inflight snack airways.” PE.
BSA took out his phone and excused himself.
“I gotta meet with the two new girls, see what insight they can give me.” MR.
“I will catch you later. Stop by for a beer Harry.” PE.
“Will do buddy. Later.” MR.
PE’s eye went wide. “Buddy? Really?”
“Think I am goin’ native.” MR.
“Oh my days. See you later Harry.” PE.
With that the conversation was over and they left.

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