12: Ni-Bump-ght - Part Two (Ayala)

Ayala paused for a moment to watch Noah as she entered the exercise room. It was immediately clear to her that underestimating him would be a very big mistake.
This should be interesting. Comfortable, even. Regardless of all the junk she was being made to wear, fighting was at least something she understood.
This was just play, fight, of course. 'Practice'. Even though she was certain he could take it, she'd try not to be too brutal.

Assuming this wasn't 'cancelled' as well. She still had trouble understanding most of what Noah had just said, but the tone was less than pleasant and the words 'not want' and 'train' were clear enough.
She turned her gaze from Noah to Jenny with a worried expression on her face.
OOC: Change the name in the heading as Ayala is the one posting NOT Noah

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