Into the Night

Timestamp: Drunken Hare, Lowood - Evening

Sir Zane walked into the Druken Hare with a handful of his newer recruits and a few of the older soldiers that much preferred the roughness of the Hare than comfort of the Oak Cup. The Knight had picked up a few stragglers as he'd wondered through the city that evening. Although most had been surprised the Knight of Salos had invited them along, it was important for Zane to get to know some of the newer arrivals. Especially since so many now started to hail from far and wide and not just from the Empire.

He wondered not for the first time if a day would come soon when those here would consider themselves Arcadians first and leave their old identities behind. A cheer greeted him as he walked into the tavern, as they moved to a corner table. A loud group was singing the Belcher's Choir. He recognised one of the belchers as the new recruit from Kru'll.

The Hare was filled with soldiers today. The usual lumberjack crowd was probably still out in the fields and forests undertaking their own harvest rituals. Sir Zane called for a round of beers to be brought to the table.

"To Hoi." he offered a toast. "May the harvest be as rich as the seeds we sow..." Gods, he much rather be here among his men and women than in some stuffy keep.
He kept crossing eyes with the soldier from Garrah. Blackriver or something of the sort. She was one of the few already assigned to the Keep Garrison having impressed during selection. He reached into his pocket and pulled a set of bone knuckles, wondering if they had ever crossed swords along the southern borders of the Empire.

"Now, this here is called 'Zin's fingers'. The simplest drinking game there is. Whoever rolls the lowest needs to down their drink in one swing and pay for the next round." It was named after the God of the Underworld. It was a deciptively simple game where it was very easy for one to get too drunk too fast without realising it. And sometimes lose more coin that one could afford to loose.

The Knight pushed the 5 dice across the table. "You first clansman..." he told Alexis with a grin.

Tarmen - You quickly wonder if the boss is here to break up the party but notice his group are settling into their own drinking games.

Greyriver & Jyin - Will you take on the challenge?

Hunter - Standing in a corner will only make you stand out like a sore thumb. Will you join the merriment?

As the night progresses the five of you eventually gravitate towards the same table, sharing tales of your exploits, campaigns and even comparing battle scars.

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