An Odd Crew

Tarmen had been waiting for a moment like this. He hadn't had much opportunity to ask questions at the settlement, largely due to the demand for secrecy, and the last few days had left little chance for small talk.
A few of his queries had just been answered. So there HAD been some success in previous expeditions, though what was so serious that it demanded the silence of those involved? Possible treasures or newfound magic? Maybe just the Lords being fearful of the natives; that was often the case back home.
"So then why have us? I know Greyriver can be more blunt than a smith's hammer and I can only sweet talk street rats. Can't speak for Miss Seabrook, but from the last few days she has seemed more like a fellow ruffian than a soothsayer, no offense."
He glanced to the stunning woman that had joined them. While the Arbiter was of a religious, feminine grace, Seabrook had a rugged virility to her that only boosted her natural beauty. To see these two women in the same backwater town, Tarmen almost wondered if this were some sort of feytale.
"Not to say we are wastin' our time, but unless these tribesmen are brutes, I would believe there are better diplomats than us."

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