A handful questions more

Alexis smirked lightly at being compared to a hammer, true as that was.
Other than that she wholeheartedly agreed with Tarmen‘s line of questioning and nodded firmly.

“Indeed. Additionally, both Frespit and I are still newcomers. I assume that is not a coincidence?”

One would think, that if this mission was both important and delicate enough to warrant Sir Zane to attend to it personally, he would have chosen soldiers whose capabilities he intimately knew and whom he trusted completely, especially if it was to be kept secret.

Now, there were several reasons she could think of why it could still make sense to take Frespit and her, ranging from them being more expendable because no one would ask that many questions if they disappeared over deeming their respective origins to be helpful - her being ‘mountainborn’ herself for example - to some kind of distrust regarding the established soldiers. Maybe they would find out.

“What exactly are we trying to achieve, if you can share that, Sir?”

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