Timestamp: Plains north of Ostiarium

The Knight of Salos grunted looking at Tarmen and Alexis. "Don't worry that pretty head of yours Tarmen. I thought it was be pretty clear that I didn't bring you two along to negotiate. You leave that to me. Maybe her if it comes to that." he told them pointing towards Melandra with his spoon.

"She's here because we suspect the clans of Fang might be similarly organised to those of Garrah. Could give us an insight into how they act with outsiders." he said looking at Alexis. "You on the other hand are here because we are told these mountain folk like fighting. And I needed someone that can take a few punches." he grinned wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Also you are new here. You have not lost any comrades to the land or the natives and I needed people by my side that did not have any preconceptions about the natives formed." he looked at the 3 of them. "We are here to secure an alliance." he told them bluntly. Sooner or later they would find out what this trip was about so best to be frontal.

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