Facing the lions

Alexis took a subtle breath, deciding to start off with simple manners and bowed to the men in presence.

Those men represented the powers that be of Ostiarium, both worldly and religiously, because if she wasn’t heavily mislead by Voah‘s account, the red-eyed man seizing them up had to be the current head figure of the inquisition.

It would not help their cause to deny them the respect they commanded.

So respect would be given. Just not commitment.

Yet again she felt the growing detachment to Ostiarium and its leadership in particular that had run its course throughout those last months and weeks.

The judging gaze of the inquisitor served as an unsettling reminder that this detachment encompassed spiritually, as well, by now. There was no denying anymore she was bound to Fosia in some way, little as she could tell where that connection was leading her and where it left her at. Hardly the time to ponder those things right at this moment, however.

She wasn’t a complete idiot. Mostly an idiot, debatably, but not completely. Personal commitment or not, she was not getting out of serving Ostiarium in the coming war.
And there was still that incorrigible part of her that was willing to do just that.

Because the people here deserved defending, no matter how little her involvement would most likely achieve in the grand scheme of things.
Furthermore, with what she had been shown, it seemed rather likely that among the blades she would be crossing in the battles would be the one of the white-eyed man, the holder of the other half of the hammer.
So there was that, as well.

Being addressed by Sir Zane, she inclined her head to him.

“I concur. We somewhat marvel at our continued survival, ourselves.”
she agreed dryly.

The demand of a full report was undoubtedly coming, but she figured Tarmen might be the better of them two to give it, not only for being the one under direct command of the Duke, but also decidedly more accomplished at … excluding the more problematic parts of it.

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