In the Presence of a Hunter

Tarmen kept his stance rigid as they walked towards the gathered leaders. When Alexis bowed, he was glad she had come along as he followed suit. Formality was needed at this time, not demanding to be seen as an equal like he usually acted. He couldn’t help a smirk at her response, though kept any add on to himself.
The awe in the splendor surrounding them also harbored more contempt towards the Duke. His people struggled and panicked in preparation for war and the smug bastard made damn sure his tomb would be the shiniest. The days of lifting stone for the wall made him feel sorry for whoever had to haul all of this in place.

As for the blood-eyed man, Tarmen couldn’t get anything from him. He had no presence, but demanded one’s focus. It made Tarmen’s hair rise.
This was no regular human. This was a top predator.
His biases immediately made him think of the Inquisition and if this being was with them…Again he was glad Alexis was here.

Not wanting to stay in the room longer than they had to, he looked to Zane.

“While I can’t say anythin’ about the trouble, I try to avoid dyin’ while on the job. I’m here to report.”

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