With the Sun Comes New Things

Sam put the horses in their stalls, then headed to the bunkhouse. As he did so, Sam touched the spot where Marley had kissed him. This brought on more confusion for him.

Was his relationship with Toppy shattered? He hoped not. And, this white girl was so full of brightness and sunshine. Sam saw that he needed that in his life. Did the kiss have romantic implications. Sam sucked at this, never having any romantic relationships.

At the bunkhouse, Sam found an empty bed. His belongings, he placed at the end of it. He could put stuff away in the morning. He turned in for the night, dreaming of new beginnings.

At sunrise, Sam looked up flowers.com on his phone and sent pink roses to Toppy at her address on the reservation. The note said, I miss you already! He had no idea she would not be there to receive them.

He wondered if he would see Marley today. The thought of her cheeriness caused him to smile. He shared something with her, Sam was certain. He had a shiner upon his face, thanks to his father.

Sam searched for and found Alex Garcia who was already at work upon the fencing. Sam put on a pair of buckskin gloves.

“I guess you’ll be my go to unless a horse needs breaking. Give ya a hand?” Sam inquired.

Embry had a drink at the bar after leaving the dinner party. The cold beer cooled the hot embers that Kate had ignited within him.

At the bar, Jack witnessed David King talking to a suspicious person that seemed hyper vigilant. That was someone Embry would definitely need to keep an eye out.

David was also one to watch. He appeared to be desperate. Desperate people make mistakes.

That night, Embry slept well, dreaming of the fiery redhead. He awoke in the morning, his body temperature causing him to sweat. He shook his head, wanting to go back to the dream. Then a grin developed, realizing the real redhead was better than his dreams.

At the ranch, one of the ranch hands showed Embry to the empty bunk he was to use. Embry set up a communications base, which connected to the three rangers that would be reporting to him: Corporals Rodriguez, Gonzalez, and McMahon. Embry’s plan was to disperse them evenly along the southern boarder of the ranch, nearest the Mexican border.

Back on the reservation, when Sam’s father returned to the Chief’s side, he was already sauced. He drank tequila until he passed out the evening before, wondering what could have been between the legs of the lovely Topusana.

Mukwooru looked at the brute and grimaced. “You are a disgrace to your family and people!”

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