chapter 3 pt 9

Rainey didn't talk to anyone as she went to her room. then she spent the next her or so stuck in the shower before hiding under her piles of covers. it wasn't his fault. it was like she panicked and suddenly being that close to him was terrifying. she could hear their voices smell their breath and she lost Alex completely then. she had to leave. she closed her eyes and tried to sleep but it didn't come.

Marley offered him a sympathetic smile " I think you should do what you think is best." she said. there wasn't much she really could say. she changed the topic to something trivial and they spent the rest of their meal and the ride home in a upbeat mood. when he dropped her off she hugged him and kissed his cheek before jumping down and disappearing inside.

“I am look forward to working alongside you to keep your family and the people of Texas safe.”

Kate watched him go with a small smile on her lips. he might just be worth the risk of distraction. the night went by with dreams that would have made a sinner blush. and she woke feeling excited and ready for the day. she walked downstairs to see her sisters and mother at the table. gone were the fancy dresses and elegant their place was the hard-working ranch hands she knew they all were at heart. well apart from er mother who was wearing a suit. "Office day?" she asked. Amilea nodded "unfortunately" she answered stuffing papers into a work bag. Rainey looked like she hadn't slept at all but Kate new better than to ask about it. Marley sat humming to herself happily as she at her cereal with the biggest black eye Kate had ever seen on one of them "wow! what the hell happened!?" she asked turning her sisters face up buy the chin. "She had a rough night on the rez." their mother answered for her. "Picked a fight with a local girl." Rainey added Marley just grinned up at her "you should see the other girl." Kate shook her head " the finished eating then piled in the truck to head to the bar save for their mom wo headed to the air strip in the car. she was grumpy due to something about a new piolet. Kate texted the ranger where to meet her and the other girls set to work on the fence. yep, just another day.

the next morning anna found herself stepping out of her little ford ranger in the driveway of a large home. it was fancy. clearly built with white man money and white man taste. all black and white with lots of metal work and big windows. she walked to the door and rang the bell a woman answered gave her a short interview then showed her around and gave her list of things she would need to do before leaving the house and her alone in it to wait for the kids to get home. she didn't know what she was doing here. it was the first time she had ever left the reservation. her mind was a mix of emotions. she looked down at her cell phone and checked the time. the kids wouldn't be home for hours. what was she going to do with herself?

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