Pain All Around

Chief Mukwooru Pocowatchit was in his office when a young man ran inside it. The Chiefs drunken son was about to put the boy in his place, when the boy shouted, “The news! King Ranch!”

The Chief seemed to think something big was happening, so he took the remote to the TV and turned it on. He kept it in his office for news only.

When the news flash came on the Chief’s face looked astounded. They reddened, wondering about Pahayoko. He threw the young man the keys to his car. “Take me there!”

Sam’s father grew angry. “What about me?” he asked.

“You’re drunk,” the Chief fired back, “as usual!”

Sam felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He knew it must be Toppy; she had heard the news and was probably worried. Sam didn’t think it appropriate to answer right now. Marley needed his comfort. She had been good to Sam since his arrival. So, he sat next to her, with his arms about her, hoping he was being a good support.

“Can I get you anything?” Sam whispered to Marley. She looked almost like she was the wounded person. So much of Marley’s blood was on her.

Embry was used to combat, being a former Army Ranger. Still, the loss of good men hurt. He could only imagine what the family was going through at the moment.

“González here,” Jack motioned to the man, “he’s wounded, but will survive. McMahon is dead. One of there’s is dead and we captured one and brought him across the river.”

He saw her pain. He witnessed Amelia in tears. These were strong women. He was used to seeing them like this. He placed a hand on Kate’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine,” he lied to try to be strong for her. “You take care of them,” he motioned to the family. “Whatever I can do to help, let me know!” Embry emphasized.

Embry’s phone rang. Glancing at the screen, he responded, “It’s the Captain; I have to take this.” Getting up, he answered the phone and walked toward the hallway.

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