Early Morning Tea

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As Elizabeth was walking towards the house she noticed the servants were awake, and had witnessed at least some of the events of the evening.

Harold had spoken to most of them, and they were now drifting back to bed.

It was lucky, clearly none had looked up to see what had occurred in Lily's room. It was the closest they had come to others finding out. In an estate full of people, it was going to be a difficult secret to keep. Dr. Jackal was different in a sense, most of the servants did not know but Harold did. Which helped in questions that might be brought up.

However, Elizabeth did spot lights on in the, now home, of Clement and his family. The Eldren made her way there and knocked on the door.

A tired looking Clement opened it, upon seeing Elizabeth he rubbed his eyes and bowed.

"Clement are you and your mother and sisters alright?" Elizabeth asked the boy.

"Yes, Lady Elizabeth. The three of us were woken by the ruckess. Myself and my sisters." Clement explained

"Your mother?" Elizabeth inquired.

"She is still sleeping. The doctor, that was here earlier, gave her some new medication to help her sleep." Clement explained. "Would you like to come inside?"

"That's probably not necessary." Elizabeth then heard, the sound of young female voices. " I just wanted to let you know, everything is all right."

"Thank you, Lady Elizabeth." Clement said.

"Have a good night," with that Elizabeth left.

She got back to the house, Harold explained they would do tea and some snacks in the larger dining room near the back.

Elizabeth made way to the dining room and looked out the back window. A smile crept across her face, they had bested Sung at his own game. It felt kind of good actually. There was a time or two among her training, the Eldren wouldn't have thought it possible. Sung had seemed like such an engima when Elizabeth was younger, the idea he could be caught never crossed her mind.

Harold entered with some tea, he put it on the table. Elizabeth cleared her throat and turned around.

"Lady Elizabeth," Harold bowed. "You seem in a better mood. Feels good to have caught him?"

"Well..." Elizabeth’s smile returned. "Yes. I really do not think Mr. Sung was expecting it."

"He was likely testing the house, all of it, everyone." Harold thoughtfully said.

"Yes, likely." Elizabeth responded, then went to sit. "Do not tell him, I am amused by any of this."

"Of course not." Harold smiled as he poured the Lady her tea.

Lily took Mr. Sung by the arm as he escorted her to the larger dining room for tea. Mr. Sung entered with Lily. He showed her to a seat and pulled the chair out for her then pushed it in for her as she sat. Sung bowed to Lady Elisabeth and the others Sung then walked over to the chair he normally sat in. Harold already had Sung's tea ready for him by the time he sat down. He had said nothing, just remaining silent as he sipped his tea.

Lily greeted everyone in the room as she said, "Pardon my intrusion at this hour. I am having trouble going back to sleep. Would it be to troublesome for some calming tea?" It was obvious Lily was looking a bit worn out with red puffy eyes and dark circles under her eyes.

Lily and Sung were the first to arrive, besides Elizabeth herself. Actually, the Eldren was surprised the resident Orc hadn't been awoken by all the excitement, but maybe what she had heard about Orcs being sound sleepers was true.

"No trouble at all." Harold responded to the young lady and went about getting her some chamomile tea.

Elizabeth watched Mr. Sung sit down, then focused her attention on Lily. "Miss Lavigne are you doing well?" The Eldren was rather exhausted not just from tonight, but the past few days but she was excellent at hiding. "And it is not an intrusion. I do not believe anyone who was woken by the events of the evening could just fall back to sleep." Elizabeth shot a look at Sung, and then went back to sipping her tea.

A few servants entered with some small snacks, fruit and biscuits (cookies) mostly. They were the servants that had opted to stay up, if everyone had wanted to they could have gone back to sleep.

Lily gave a half smile as she accepted her tea from Harold and replied, "I must apologize Lady Elizabeth. I was having a rather dreadful dream when I was awoken by the lights and sounds from outside. I guess some of the stress from my personal matters have been a bit of a struggle for me." Lily blew on her tea cup before she sipped her hot tea and inhaled the fragrance before she swallowed the sip.

Looking back at Lady Elizabeth Sung smiled with a What did I do? Expression on his face. Then took another sip of his tea.

Elizabeth knew Sung was well aware she was far too polite to actually call him on his actions in front of anyone, but she was tempted.

"It is quite alright and understandable. It has been a trying time for you." Elizabeth’s voice was soft. "Mr. Sung, am I to assume you have an update? Oh, and Miss Lavigne is now a full Order member, so anything can be said in front of her."

Lily was a bit shocked as she looked up at Lady Elizabeth to hear her membership was indeed upgraded. She was curious if this meant she would have more tasks and training bestowed upon her. She asked, "So does this mean I will have more to do lady Elizabeth?"

"My mistake, I am a bit tired. Let me clarify. You, Miss Lavigne, became a full member when I gave you the ring. You are still a member in training but that means you are a full member." Elizabeth hoped she explained it well. "So, no, your job will remain the same for now."

Lily paused as she blew on her tea. Then she nodded and half smirked as she replied, "Oh yes.......it's coming back to me now. My head is a bit fuzzy right now. Thank you Lady Elizabeth. It's comforting to hear you say that." Lily sipped her tea after blowing on it a bit. It seemed to calm her a bit as she savored the taste.

" As you can see Miss Lavigne you have nothing to fear and you are no burden to this team or household." Commented Sung sipping his green tea. Then looked at Elizabeth "I do have some things to report. I thought I should explain in person. That is why I am here now." Sung told Elizabeth.

"I quite agree with Mr. Sung, Miss Lavigne you are certainly no burden." Elizabeth nodded, then focused her attention back to Mr. Sung. "Mr. Sung, would you care to give me that report now or after tea, in my office?"

Sung sipped his tea "Yes, Lady Elizabeth here would be fine" Sung answered.

Lily nodded to Lady Elizabeth and Mr. Sung before she sipped her tea in silence She was not sure how to respond at this point since it felt like Lady Elizabeth and Mr. Sung were going to have a serious meeting. It was an awkward feeling like watching a mom lecture her kid in public, seeing a couple have an argument or breaking up or even worse watching a guy ask a girl out while knowing she is about to embarrass him in public. Lily felt she needed to give some space so she slowly stood up with her tea close to her mouth as she muttered, "Well thank you for your time and understanding. I will finish my tea in my room and get ready for bed then. I thank you both." Lily gave a slight bow as she was moving to the door.

Lily didn't have to leave, Elizabeth thought she had made it clear, for the moment, she was just asking Sung for the update, nothing else. However Elizabeth was also too tired to argue the fact. She didn't try to stop Lily from leaving if the young woman wanted some time alone and to go back to sleep, Elizabeth wasn't going to stop her.

The Eldren was really curious as to how she was so different than the two women closest to her age. She was only twenty but sometimes felt decades older. She certainly felt more than just a few years older than Lorem or Lily, despite that being the case.

With Lily gone, that left Sung and Elizabeth alone for at least a few moments. "Mr. Sung, I am curious as to what update you have?"

Lily quietly made her way to her room and sat on her bed as she slowly finished her tea. She began to relax as her thoughts had calmed down from Lady Elizabeth's words and the calming tea. Once she was relaxed her body began to feel the effects of fatigue as she went to bed and let her dreams over take her. Since she was in a good place now she managed to get some good rest.

Sung looked up and replied to Lily "You are quite welcome Miss Lavigne." with a smile.
after Lily left. "I am sorry for the intrusion this early morning. I just don't just trust anyone with your life, Lady Elizabeth." Sung started leaning forward some. "Just so you know great job this morning." He said.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, but given Sung's reason it was impossible to stay mad at him. "Thank you, Mr. Sung. I do believe the team, well, the ones that woke up, worked well." She paused. "I do not know if Miss Ipsum would have responded the way she did if certain events had not happened yesterday. We, Miss Ipsum, Cronk and myself, were followed and then attacked in the cab on the way home from headquarters. It was a good thing Miss Ipsum brought home the hand cannon, it came in very useful. Marcil was driving, fortunately. After we stopped, Cronk basically took care of the perpetrators. " Elizabeth sipped her tea. "I suppose, considering you did it for safety reasons, I cannot be angry at you. However, you probably should not try that again. Miss Ipsum is working on an alarm system for the border and the fencing is being reconfigured is going to be taller and more difficult to access the back area without being caught."

"That is good to hear. I knew things like that would be coming. I think we have an outstanding team. " Sung replied. "Now that I said that. I am feeling a bit uncomfortable leaving you alone. What if Cronk was not there? I am responsible for your safety Lady Elizabeth." Sung sounded concerned.

" In an organization, you can delegate authority but not responsibility remember that," suggested Sung with a grin. "If anything happens to you your father will come to me not Cronk or anyone else," Sung added.

"I have been to the building you described earlier," said Sung with a smile.

"Mr. Sung, you trained me, do you not think I can take care of myself?" Despite her question, she smiled slightly. "I suppose though you're correct my father would most assuredly come after you, if something happened to me. However, I do believe you are doing me a service where you currently are. I would hate to have anything happen to Mr. Aster, he can not be alone undercover like that."

When Sung said he had been to the building, Elizabeth bit her lip. "I see. Tell me then what has occurred, your report."

Sung took a drink of his tea. He looked to be reflecting on what Lady Elizabeth said. "We met a man named Staniadis. The building you and Cronk entered is the same. The artifacts are in a hidden room on the left side. of the door, you would enter to the sanctuary. It does have alarms and is well-guarded. The whole building is well guarded." Sung started to explain.

"The building leads to several areas and I think offices one being Staniadis. He seems to be running the operations. For a dead religion, it is certainly alive. Vor has been accepted for the part and is fitting in nicely. and I am accepted as his right-hand man a part I am well suited for." described Sung stopping to drink his tea.

"We are going back tonight for a serves If things go wrong I gave Vor orders to run when he escapes I will follow." stated Sung.

"Yes, Staniadis was the man that Cronk spoke with. His men chased us. I did not see a door, but I was not in the temple very long." Elizabeth paused for a moment. "He has been accepted? So soon? Let us hope it is luck on your side, and not some elaborate trap."

Elizabeth nodded to Sung saying that he and Vor were going back tonight for a service. "Good forethought. Please do be careful, both of you. Hopefully we can get more answers as to how Doctor Lamaire fits into all of this."

"I would hope so." Sung thought for a moment. "As it is an elaborate trap? I am not sure about that. There was an incident where I got to backhand Staniadis on Vor's orders. Most in his position would let anyone do that to them." Sung paused thinking again. "I will follow all the leads I can on Doctor Lamaire. I won't promise that if I do find him he will live long," remarked Sung with a grin.

"There is something else I should mention. Miss Lagrave had a run in with Doctor Lamaire, the other night, and he shot her. It seems as if he packs a Derringer." Elizabeth commented, before sipping more tea. "If Lamaire is a member of the Children, he might very well be at that meeting." Elizabeth had a concern, with her tiredness, she was not quite thinking what it was. "Oh, yes, there might be another issue. Lily's butler - we know he's a member and he knows what you look like. Do you have a plan, if he shows up at the meeting?"

Sung got an evil smile and chuckled "Kill him or I would like to. I will cross that bridge when I get there." Sung said. "Thank you for letting me know about the Derringer. I might have to start to keep something extra on me. I need to assume everyone there is armed with something. I think somehow Vor too," stated Sung thinking.

'I would suggest that maybe have a few people a few blacks away for backup. If we make it through tomorrow we should be in a good position." Sung pulled out his pocket watch and looked at it. "It is late, Forgive me Lady Elizabeth. For keeping you up." Sung said with an apologetic tone. "But just in case we were being watched I needed the darkness to leave and report to you." sung added.

"I will mention it to the team, at breakfast. I am certain we can have people positioned a few blocks from the meeting." As soon as Elizabeth could figure out who excatly. Cronk maybe. Sasha, maybe, if well enough.

As for keeping her up, "It is quite alright. I was awake when you ..umm... dropped in. Though I suspect then you will need to leave by darkness as well." Elizabeth certainly assumed it would be safer for all concerned.

"Yes, Lady Elizabeth. I almost forgot." He pulls out a medium envelope. "I made this for you it has what we found and the report with floor plans of what we saw. it might not be exact but close," stated Sung as he placed it in front of Elizabeth. "I know I took a chance with this but I thought it was worth it." finished Sung.

Elizabeth opened the envelope and looked it over. "This will come in very useful, I am certain." She would have to look it over more throughly later. "What time is the meeting?"

"5:00 in the evening. I and Vor will arrive Just before that is the plan." Sung answered drinking down the last of his tea.

Elizabeth quickly did some calculations in her head as to how long it take to get there from her house, and what might be the best area for the backup to be at.

"I am planning on having the back up there a little earlier." Elizabeth commented so Sung would know to look for them. "Was there anything else to report?"

"No Lady Elizabeth, everything is there in the report. If it is granted I will take my leave now. I have to get back get some sleep and get ready for work" said Sung sounding tired. "Go to work, I thought I did not have to say that in the way that I mean it now," commented Sung with a chuckle.

"By all means," Elizabeth smiled at him, "Next time just use your key. Tell Mr. Aster to remain vigilant. If you do not mind I am sure you can see yourself out, I will read over your report."

Sung stood up and bowed ."Thank you No Lady Elizabeth for your time. I hope to see you soon." added Sung as he started to walk out of the room. He hesitated just for a few seconds as he was about to walk out the door "Stay safe Miss Elizabeth." Sung commented walking out of the room.

Sung pasted Harold he gave him a nod. "See to Lady Elizabeth I will see my way out, good job this morning," remarked Sung on his way out.

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