Teen Angst

From the window, Lily could see the shadows moving about and then coming to the light. Her anxiety was relieved to see it was Mr. Sung, Lady Elizabeth, Lorem, Ms. Lagrave and Harold gathering together and calming each other down. From the sound of it it was a misunderstanding and everyone was riled up. Sadly her blood was pumping from a fear overload and poor Lily was in a panic mode while trying to calm down. As she needed to calm down she went to the bathroom to wash her face to cool down and upon seeing her appearance she moan and winced. Seeing her appearance on hurt her heart more as she stepped back and leaned on a nearby wall only to slide down into a squatting position as she sat on the floor. She covered her face with her hands as she began to sob her sorrows away. It was scary being a freak and worse when others found out. After hearing Lorem's concern for her growling she was worried she would be found out soon. Sadly she had nowhere else to go given her situation.

Sung slowed his walk going up the stairs. he took a few breaths to focus and make a calm and casual approach to this. Sung knew of Lily's background and problems and now felt even more guilty about what had happened. He did not say anything outside. He could see the change in Ki in the area of her room. Sung knew what had happened to her.

He calmly walked to her door trying not to hide his presence. Sung knocked twice on the door. Hearing the crying Sung was almost beside himself. Sung was not the best on the sympathy side all the war, battles killing had made him callis at times with people's emotions.

"Miss Lavigne's," Sung said at first then softened his voice and tone even more. "Lily, are you ok? can we talk? I know you are scared, can I talk to you or help you?" The gentleness of his voice was calming to hear. You could feel the confidence and calm coming from Sung.

Sung would not push it but knew he could not just talk through the door either. This was not intended but he would owe an apology to everyone later. He just waited for Lily's answer.

Lily could hear the footsteps approaching the door as she was trying to regain her composure. It was difficult for a teenage girl with a werewolf curse to control her emotions. As she heard someone approaching they knocked on the door and the voice confirmed it was Mr. Sung. She looked up and realized it was going to be okay. As she got up she fixed her robe and looked in the mirror while trying to wipe her tears and snot leaking from her nose. She almost chuckled as she saw the sorry state she was in. She replied, “Please give me a moment. I am not decent.” Once she managed to make herself semi presentable and managed to revert to her human form she opened the door with a forced smile as she greeted Mr. Sung, “Greetings Mr. Sung. What brings you here at this hour?”

When the door opened, Sung went to his knees and bowed with his hand slightly in front of him and his face almost on the floor. "Forgive me, Miss Lavigne's, Lily. My actions got out of hand. I could see it upset you greatly. I am here to check on you and to make sure you are okay," explained Sung. His tone is apologetic and sincere still bowed in the same position.

Lily was taken back by Sung’s apology. She was not expecting such a powerful apology by him. In her mind Mr. Sung was a deep, stoic, strong and influential man. So the idea of him bowing on his knees in apology was a bit overwhelming for her. Lily covered her mouth as she gasped in shock. Then after a few seconds she regained her composure and said, “Oh no….. Mr. Sung please stand up. It’s not your fault. I am sure you have your reasons for your actions but I was ill prepared for this. It’s been a bit rough for me as of late.” Lily was nervous seeing the grown man kneeling before her.

Mr. Sung stood to his feet "Thank you" he replied straightening his clothing. looking her over not in a perverted way more like a father checking on a daughter. "Everything is fine now there is nothing to be alarmed about," Sung explained with a confronting smile. "Is there anything I can do for you? If you would like to talk about anything I am here for you," Sung stated offering any help he could.

Lily was still a bit shaken up as she replied, "Well lets just say I was feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late with my father's kidnapping, my current health situation, the attempted kidnapping recently and this scary situation. I want to fit in but a lot of bad stuff keeps happening to me as of late. I am worried I might not be good enough in the end. I fear I may become a burden to Lady Elizabeth after all she has done for me." Lily was shaking a bit as she worked up the courage to look Mr. Sung in the eyes.

Sung paused choosing his words carefully. "Miss Lavigne, if you could not tell you are part of us here in our home. I would not replace you with anyone else. You are surely not a burden to Lady Elizabeth and if Lady Elizabeth thought you were, I would set her straight. I find it an honor that you stay with us, an honor to rescue you. Feeling overwhelmed is normal." Explained Sung looking back into her eyes. "Sickness? Do not doubt yourself self you have no health situation. You are a beautiful lady with a lot of attractive features any man should be honored to have you on his arm." Sung added with a smile.

"Your heart is a big one and beautiful. It's not the outside that matters it is the heart that does. Let you be judged by your heart and your actions Miss Lavigne. I and Lady Elizabeth are here for you always." Sung finished with a reinsuring tender smile.

Lily nodded at Mr. Sung as she blushed by his kindness. It was a rare thing for her to hear such words, especially from a man. The last time her father was that nice to her was before she was shipped to boarding school. She felt a sense of calm now despite her situation and then replied, "Thank you for your kind words Mr. Sung. They are comforting to hear." Lily wiped her tears as she forced a smile and said, "Do forgive me Mr. Sung but I might need a spot of tea to calm my nerves."

"How do you feel right now for some tea? we are having some downstairs It would be an honor for me to escort you there If you would like me to?" suggested Sung. "You are not the only one shaken by what I did. I know and trust everyone's skills but I was not sure how everything would work out as a whole. I pity the person that comes to do harm to this household and would probably kill anyone that would bring harm to you." added Sung with a warm reassuring smile.

Lily nodded at Mr. Sung as she fixed her robe a bit and pulled her hair over her ears. She replied, "I think a spot of tea would be good right about now. Perhaps some Chamomile tea might help me relax." Lily was ready to be escorted to the place to drink some calming tea.

Sung held out his arm for her to take if she wanted to. "Yes, Miss Lavigne I think it would," replied Sung now walking with Miss Lavigne.

Lily took Mr. Sung by the arm as he escorted her to the room for tea.


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