Nanny Sako Askao

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Date: May 12, 1889
afternoon At the House

The door opened to show Lady Elizabeth and Miss. Lavigne. Sako was surprised that they wanted her back so soon. Sako walked back in and curtseyed for Lady Elizabeth. "Lady Elizabeth, how can I be a serves to you?" Sako asked. Honestly, Sako was not sure whether to say My Lady or Lady Elizabeth. Sako straitened placed her hand behind her back and clasped them.

"Nanny Asako, please have a seat." Motioning once more to the seat in front of her. "I am very interested in having you meet the children and their mother. First though a few things."

She waited for the woman to be seated, before continuing. "If everything works out and you are hired. What day off would you need?" The standard protocol for staff of a household was one day off a week. So, Elizabeth figured that should come as no surprise. "And could you start tomorrow?"

Sako sat thinking. "One day a week is fine as for day that probably change as needed. Starting tomorrow no problem." Sako answered. "Just need to have my trunk delivered here? Help to move it to my room. I would like to be close to the family if not in the same house they stay in." Sako requested. "How much will I be paid?" she asked. Sako knew normally would get paid very well but just had to ask.

Elizabeth nodded, it wasn't that common to not just choose a day and stick with it, but it was workable. "Harold is the Head Butler, he handles the staff schedule. If you want to change days you will need to let him know by Sunday of each week what day you'll need for that week. You're trunk can easily be delivered here. The family is staying in one of the servants' cottages, there is an extra room in it that you could take. " Elizabeth discussed salary, which was, of course generous. "Did you have any other questions?"

Sako smiled and had an excited look in her eyes "No Lady Elizabeth. I would like to meet the kids and family now." requested Sako.

"Miss Lavigne, please just leave the paperwork on the desk and come with us." Elizabeth said, then turned back to Sako. "Please follow me." The Eldren stood and led the two women out of the room and down the hall, towards the back of the house.

Spotting Harold, Elizabeth didn’t need to ask, he bowed and said, "Miss Babin is ready for you."

'Thank you, Harold." Elizabeth responded. "Harold, this is Nanny Sako Asako. Nanny Sako Asako this is Harold, he pretty much runs the household." She smiled at the man.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Nanny Asako," Harold responded.

Once greetings were complete, she asked Harold to gather the children and bring them to the cottage in a few minutes.

They then walked to the back of the house, out the backdoor, and to the cottage of the Babins.

Sako made a mental note of anyone she saw and their names and positions. How everything was laid out. The house was typical of a house for Lady Elizabeth's status. "Beautiful house Lady Elizabeth," complimented Sako. She looked over the grounds as they walked to the cottage of the Babies. She could not help but look at entryways or blind spots. The position of the building windows doors. Anything that might be used later by the kids to sneak out. That would be her excuse if she is caught looking too much.

Lily quietly followed and observed Asako from behind. She was curious as to why she reminded her of Mr. Sung. She was hoping to learn something from this experience.

They arrived at the cottage, Elizabeth knocked and a maid answered the door. They entered, and the living had a comfortable feel to it. A woman in a wheelchair sat near the center.

"Miss Aceline Babin, I would like you to meet, Nanny Sako Asako," Elizabeth stated.

"Thank you, Lady Elizabeth. Greetings Nanny Asako." Aceline stated. "Please, be seated all of you."

Elizabeth took a seat in a chair near Aceline and waited for the others to follow suit.

Lily took a spot a bit farther in the back so she could observe from a distance to see the reactions of everyone in the room. She was looking for any negative responses and body language. She learned that a person's eyes said a lot about them and their true intentions would eventually show through them.

Sako straightens her dress first before properly sitting. Sako switches to French when speaking to Miss Babin. "Miss Babin, let me start by saying there is no need to address me as Nanny Asako. Miss Asako will be fine with me. It's a great pleasure to meet you and your family I feel honored. " said Sako in a polite and respectful tone.

Aceline nodded, clearly the fact the woman knew French pleased her. "Miss Aceline, I have already gone over what I am looking for in a nanny, with Lady Elizabeth." Responding in French. "I trust that your responses to her were acceptable, so I will not rehash questions. I mostly want to see you interact with the children."

As if reading their mother's mind, the door opened, and in came Maria, followed by Eloise, and Clement.

They had been playing outside but weren't dirty. Still, each child made use if the doormat so they wouldn't track dirt into the house.

Maria came and stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing the new woman, in broken English with a French accent, the youngest of the Babin children smiled and said. "Bonjour, you are very pretty."

Eloise glanced at the new woman and then towards her brother.

Clement stepped up to Sako, "Bonjour, Nanny Asako. I am Clement. These are my sisters Eloise and Maria" Motioning to each.

"Bonjour, Nanny Asako." Eloise greeted the woman.

Clement is 12, Eloise is 8, and Maria is 6. Thought Sako looked at them as they walked in she stood up and bent over to greet the little girl "Bonjour, Maria, Thank you and you are a little princess are you not?" replied Sako to Maria with a big smile. standing up to meet Clement.

"Bonjour, Clement, and you are the man of the house you did a great job of introducing your sisters. Such a gentleman and noble of you to do that. You are a blessing to your mother it shows great care in raising such a fine man. But never forget your mother when introductions are done." complemented Sako to the 12-year-old Boy who will be a man soon. She stood and put her hand out to shake his after shaking his hand. she bent down a little to greet Eloise

"Bonjour, Eloise, and you are a little woman starting to spread your wings, and a beautiful woman you will grow up to me like your mother, " said Sako in a soft tone. Sako remained standing in perfect form.

Sako knew they needed some encouragement and could tell the staff here had taken great care of them. Sako waited a moment but could not let it go any further. "Children I know I have not started yet with you. that's if you will have me. But something I must address if I did not I would not be a good Nanny." Sako started.

"First, Clement, Eloise, Maria, children, is there not an esteemed guest in your house one that has been gracious to you and your mother?" Sako paused to let them think on this she knew they understood what she meant when they looked at Lady Elizabeth.
"As ladies and gentlemen you should have greeted her first. Now let's see the ladies crusty and are gentlemen bow to Lady Elisabeth and great her properly," Instructed Sako her tone firm but talk with a softness to it.
She walks over to them demonstrating the crusty for the girls." Clement, bow not only your head but upper body some too." Sako paused and then started to talk with them. "Good afternoon Lady Elisabeth. Thank you for your visit." Sako hoped they followed in unison.

Clement's face went sheepish when he realized his error. It was clear he knew he was supposed to greet Lady Elizabeth first, and the bow. In the excitement of the possible new nanny, it had just slipped his mind.

Clement did walk in front of Elizabeth, a pulled off a well-practiced bow, clearly having done it before. It hadn't gotten down the flourish like Harold could pull off but it was clearly better than most 12-year-olds could do.

Eloise curtseyed, it was unpolished, but she also already knew how to do it. She never though quite knew how low to curtsey to certain people, as different a status changed it. In this case, she mimics Sako's curtsey.

Maria who was still all smiles, and clearly like Sako, was very unpracticed in all of this. Her curtsey was passable, that was about all one could say about it but thar certainly wasn't inappropriate for someone just learning.

"Good afternoon, Lady Elizabeth. Thank you for your visit." Clement and Eloise spoke in unison but Maria spoke a moment after them.

"Thank you, children." Elizabeth smiled at them.

Sako turned to the children "Now for being good ladies and gentlemen I have something for you." said Sako she produced candy in her hand it seemed from nowhere. the adults in the room saw her brush her dress but saw no pockets or her hand in one. Sako bent over some looked at the mother for abbroval first. Then called the children to her.

Giving Maria one first then Eloise then stopping before giving it to Clement. "I don't know you are a man now maybe you don't need candy," said Sako with a little sarcastic tone in her voice." She just wanted to see what Clement was going to do or act.

Aceline let Sako know it was fine to give the children candy. Maria and Eloise took their candies and thanked her. Clement blinked at her a moment and then realized she was being sarcastic. "Is one ever too old for sweets, Nanny Asako?" His tone was light, and his face wore a slight smile.

Elizabeth looked over at Aceline who turned her over her hand and exposed her palm. Elizabeth then took the children outside for a moment.

While Aceline and Sako discussed the children a little more, Elizabeth asked the children what they thought of the possible new nanny.

Maria was the first to speak up. "I like her. She's nice."

Eloise then said. "I like her as well. It will be so much easier for mere (mother) to have Nanny Asako here."

Clement paused for a few moments before responding for him for this shift would be the hardest. "She does seem nice. Can I go to Harold, if there turns out to be any concerns?".

"Of course, Clement or myself or Mr. Sung," Elizabeth replied.

"In that case, I like her as well. I say yes to hiring her." Clement smiled.

It seemed as if hiring a nanny didn't just lift a burden from Aceline but from Clement and, to a slightly lesser degree Eloise as well.

Elizabeth returned with the children and then, after goodbyes were said, escorted Sako and Lily back to the main house.

Elizabeth explained she would arrange for someone to pick up Sako and her things in the morning. She could take tomorrow to get settled into her room before beginning with the children.

Elizabeth then saw Sako out. After Sako left, Harold closed the door.

Elizabeth let out a breath, that had gone well.

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