Lily Meets The Baron

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Lady Flora came back in the room, "The Baron wishes to speak with Lady Elizabeth, Mr. Sung and Miss Lily first. If you three would please follow me."

She led the three down the hall to an area with a desk, a desk chair, a few chairs, table and a few shelves. Flora knocked on the door to the far end and announced the trio that was there.

Soon enough they were ushered onto the Baron's office. Chairs were in front of the elaborate desk, Baron Greenwood sat behind it.

Elizabeth curtsied to the Baron.

Once everyone was done with the formalities, Greenwood said, "Please, take a seat all of you." His tone was oddly softer than usual.

After everyone was seated, the Baron turned to Lily. "Miss Lily, I wish to extend my condolences in the loss of your father. Anything I can do to help please let me know."

The Baron was likely being half sincere. He wouldn't really do anything, but might be willing to send food or flowers.

The thought was about as nice as Elizabeth had really seen the Baron behave to someone who didn't outrank him, still somehow the man managed to also squeeze in a negative comment about Elizabeth's leadership abilities, by adding. "It is a shame that the team did not get there sooner.”

Lily gave a nod as she replied, "I am saddened that I lost my father, but grateful for Lady Elizabeth's support in this matter." Lily kept it brief so as to not make things worse.

The Baron gave a small nod, his eyes went to Elizabeth silently daring her to say something.

Elizabeth didn't take the bait, she just looked back at the Baron, not saying anything.

"Well, Lady Elizabeth," the Baron began. "As you are aware most team members have specialities of some kind. Your team is full of them. However, it seems as if Miss Lily is a member with no specialities. What is her title?"

"She is a member in training." Elizabeth said, and then instantly regretted it.

"As you are aware," Greenwood's tone was slightly snide, "trainees go to be trained in one of the facilities for such things."

The Order did have training facilities in France, England, and Russia. They were all located in remote rural areas. Those that wanted to be members but didn't possess any particular training, went there. They mostly became what was known as agents at large, however many of them lived at one of the headquarters and did individual assignments, helped a team on a temporary basis or did other various jobs for the Order. Agent at large lives were rather lonely. Elizabeth didn't want that for Lily, she wanted the younger woman as a team member.

The Baron continued, "So, does she have a speciality or should I make a call and have her sent to training?"

"She is a expert on etiquette. Lily is the team's social liason." Elizabeth spoke quickly and held her breath, hoping it worked.

The Baron raised a brow, then he turned to Lily, "Is that true? Have you agreed to be the social liason? Are you aware of what that entails?”

Lily gave the Baron a nod as she replied using the generic answer taught to her in her schooling, "Yes sir. It is one of the many duties Lady Elizabeth requests of me. Since we attended the same school and same social functions, it has made it easier for me to assist her in many social events and correspondence. As you know, before his untimely death, my father had me do the same for him in the past as we traveled about, so it was an easy transition for me. In fact my father and I were in the middle of one such event when he was kidnapped by that traitorous butler of his. Now that I will inherit his estate, I will be in a more lucrative position to aid Lady Elizabeth in the future." Lily remained confident in her words as she was sure she could do what she said.

The Baron wrote something down on a piece of paper he had in front of him, saying nothing for a few moments.

Elizabeth thought Lily's response was good, except they didn't attend the same boarding school. They couldn't have as Elizabeth went to one for mages. She knew that the Baron knew that.

Maybe it was the fact that Lily's father had recently passed or maybe The Baron had missed the little blunder, or didn't care that much. After all he had already run back checks on every member of the team. Whatever the reason, he looked up and said, "Very well, then. I'll have that title added to you record. Miss Lily, you may leave. Please have Lady Flora bring in Nugbu next." The Baron dismissed the younger woman.

Protocol should be that Captain Maseo went next, usually so when Nugbu was the name given Elizabeth looked surprised.

"Is there a problem, Lady Elizabeth?" Greenwood asked.

"No, no problem. " Elizabeth would ask later.

Lily excused herself after being dismissed. She maintained her proper etiquette to everyone in the room to prove she had the proper skills in social events. She knew it was unwise to bring any shame to Lady Elizabeth, especially in front of someone like the Baron. After walking out of the room she was escorted by Lady Flora back to the waiting room and served tea and snacks as she waited.

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