Hurting in ALL the Places

Underground Mutant Community - Medical Wing

Finlay watched with a hyper vigilant glint in his eyes as Khunara entered. He also quickly measured Johnathan at the entryway before returning his view back to the doctor nearing. The nurses had noticed similar behavior when awareness had returned to the young lad. It was an expected reaction for someone that was coming down from a shocking experience to wrestle with new uncertainties. Aside from his eyes, the rest of him held an exhausted posture. He was no threat and go easily be forced down right now by a simple hand on his chest. Fortunately though the IVs and water had kept up his basic nutrients and hydration while he was out, so he didn’t look malnourished.

Finlay was put a little more at ease by the polite and gentle bedside manner of the doctor. He replied, his voice a tad groggy still. “Tired and sore everywhere.” He paused trying to make sense of it. “In places I didn’t know could be sore? Like my teeth, hair and uh, more.” Everything had a slight ache to it; he felt like he could feel his bones and insides as well. It was a lot to process.

Finlay resigned himself to her treatment. Nodding that she could proceed. She might be a stranger, but she was a doctor right? And doctors help people.

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