No Place Like Home...

Looking up from where she sits next to Honey, Sophia blinks and has to take a moment to decipher what her new companion just said. Her mind calculates each word and figures out the meaning. “Oh, you’re asking if there’s somewhere I want to go, right?” She asks and thinks for a long moment. “No, not that I can think of. I’ve…I’ve never really had anywhere to call home since I left the farm where I lived with my father.”

She sighs softly at the memories that swim into her mind. A hand automatically goes to her left side, a place permanently covered in scars thanks to that monster of a man. It still hurts sometimes when she is tense or runs too long.

His hand comes into contact with her side, the brass knuckles he wears stab into her flesh…

A whine erupts from Honey, pulling the young woman back to reality.

Shaking the memory away, she returns her attention to Perrine. “I’ll just go wherever you go…if that’s okay.” She tells him with a smile.

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