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From TV to RPG – How Our Favourite Shows Can Enhance Our Roleplaying Experience – Part 2: Juggling Characters

This article was written for us by Diego Herrera from the Star Trek game Outpost Eden.

Lots of futurama characters

Welcome back to the second in a series of articles designed to look at how sci fi and fantasy TV series can prove useful for writing roleplays (read part 1 here). In this article, I’m going to focus on what we can learn from the way TV shows manage large casts of characters when running adventures with our players. Read More


From TV to RPG – How Our Favourite Shows Can Enhance Our Roleplaying Experience – Part 1: Plot

This article was written for us by Diego Herrera from the Star Trek game Outpost Eden.


We’re living in a world where science fiction, for most people, is defined by television series.

Sure, we’re lucky enough to be able to dip into the world of books and films, but speak to someone who you roleplay with and they’ll most likely have a list of shows that they’re hooked on. They’re probably the reason why they joined your group, especially if it’s based in or on a particular franchise. Read More


Bad TV shows for RPGS

broken old tv

My last article was for TV shows that I thought would make good RPGs or PBP games. This time, it’s shows that ,
if it was up to me and you tried to make these into a RPG or PBP game, i would kick you hard in the soft bits, travel back in time and watch myself kick you in the soft bits… then kick you again. Read More


10 TV shows that could make good roleplaying games

This article was written by Chris Kentlea from Ennead Games and a veteran player of Blue Dwarf

Warehouse 13 - A good world to roleplay in?

First let me start off by saying this is all personal opinion. If you disagree with my choices, agree or have more ideas to add, the please use the comment section.

As you will probably guess the shows I mention are amongst my favourite TV shows. Read More


TV series & films that would make great PBEM games

There are many PBEM games around, many set in their own fantasy worlds where the GM has done their own worldbuilding to create a world for their game, but there are many films and TV series which have already done the worldbuilding for you and provide a great setting for your PBEM game.

Star Wars

Star WarsGeorge Lucas has created a diverse fantasy world with spaceships and limitless types of aliens. It is popularly extended through many films, books and games. Creating a new scenario within this world would be easy, and because if it’s popularity you will have a large audience who are already familiar with the world.

Settings for this game could be a planet, a spaceship, or a group of people travelling the galaxy. There are also multiple time frames you can choose from when creating your game.

Star Trek

Starship EnterpriseThis is a rich science fiction universe described in all of the Star Trek series’. Each spinoff series has focussed on exploration so there are many locations already described, and it is not too hard to invent many more for new adventures.

The classic way to create a Star Trek PBEM is to think up a name for your ship, set up a goal (usually exploration of new alien worlds) and populate your ship with members as your crew. Because of Star Trek’s popularity, you will have a large audience already familiar with the world and technology within.

The TV series’ episodic format can be easily converted into a PBEM format – discover a planet, perform a mission, then leave to planet and go onto the next adventure. It can be tough for a GM to keep coming up with new worldbuilding ideas for new planets however.

Read More