Are we men or ...hamsters?

“LET THE FEAST BEGIN!” yelled the chief, and across the arboretum came several Huzards, each carrying large boxes, inside which could be seen several live animals. One was placed in front of each person at the table, and the chief’s long tongue whipped out of his mouth, wrapped around a squealing pig, which was quickly swept up in his mouth and swallowed whole.
Sat between White Wolf and a beaded, ochre smeared Huzard brave, Cass glumly poked the pig thing on the table in front of her with a knife, making it squeal indignantly and thrash around in its cage
“I appreciate fresh food” she muttered, setting down her knife to glower at her dinner “but this is ridiculous”
“I mean: How am I meant to eat this?” she asked the Huzard sat next to her, watching it whip its own wriggling pig-thing into its mouth with its half metre long tongue and bite down hard, ending the little critters shrieking squeals in an uncomfortable display of blood and snapping bone
“Muala good” the brave replied; gore dripping from its teeth
“Erm…” Jay said “Is there a…..vegetarian option?”
The good natured chatter around the tables quickly ceased at this, all eyes suddenly upon Jay and the other humans
“Uh…Perhaps you shouldn’t have said that, my friend” Gomez muttered nervously, his eyes flicking from one Huzard to the next, taking in their vicious teeth and huge, powerful bodies
“Meat” the chief bellowed suddenly, standing in indignant outrage “is good for a man!”
The assembled Huzard’s all roared their approval at this
“Vegetables are for the weak!” He continued with a snarl “For females!”
“Uh… Female here” Cass chipped in, raising a hand
“And I’m weak” Seymour squeaked “I mean look at me; I’ve no legs!”
“Chysmas or no not” the chief continued with simmering indignation “this is a terrible affront”
“Ah, now…” Jay started, privately wondering if he could get away with just shooting the old lizard in the face and running away “Let’s not jump to any conclusions”
“Huzard’s, forget the muala!” the chief roared, ignoring him “Today we feast on the flesh of these...”
The chief didn’t get finish his sentence, as he was interrupted halfway through his rant by one of his advisors who had hurried around the tables to roughly clap him on the shoulder and haul him around to hiss something in his ear.
A hurried, but whispered exchange followed between the advisor and the chief with the chief eventually turning back to the assembled feasters, looking at once somewhat mollified but at the same time, a little irritated
“We are aware that your customs may differ from ours” the chief said in a more reasoned tone “You may have your vegetables and whatever else you strange creatures require for your sustenance; but first: Those amongst you who count themselves as men must prove themselves as such!”
The assembled Huzard’s all leaped to their feet roaring in delighted anticipation
“Bring the initiation equipment” the chief bellowed, dramatically raising his clawed hands above his head
“Huh” White Wolf smiled around a mouthful of crunchy pig head “I can’t see what the fuss is all about…”

Ok boys, time to prove you’re men of the world – what passes as an initiation into manhood amongst the Huzard, and do you have the balls to take the test?

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