Medical deliberations

Now it was Phi's turn to point. Her jaw opened and closed, wordlessly.
Cass turned her head slowly till her eyes found the right spot.

The three conscious Dwarfers watched in horror, as Seymour's stomach twitched and bulged.

Cass dropped the rag she was holding. "You need to operate NOW!"

“Oh, God” Phi gibbered kneeling down next to Seymour, her hands fumbling to pick up the knife that Davie had given her “What if I mess it up?”
“Then he dies” Cass snapped “Get a grip!”
Phi made a strange, high pitched little whimpering noise as she bought the knife close to Seymour's pulsating stomach with a shaking hand
“I... I...” she moaned, trying to force herself to make the cut but pulling her trembling hand away at the last moment
Cass walked across the room to crouch down in front of Phi and stare levelly into her eyes
“Yes you can” she said “Or he dies”
Glancing down at Seymour, Cass frowned
“It's... It's stopped” Phi gabbled, a note of hysteria evident in her voice “Where's the worm gone!?”
“Make the cut” Cass said levelly “For all we know it's chewing its way through his internal organs”
Taking a deep breath, Phi bought the knife down towards where she had seen Seymour's skin bulging and pulsating
“And open your smegging eyes!” Cass yelled
Phi crumbled at this, bursting into tears as she cast the knife aside with a clatter
“I... I can't do it” she wailed “The... blood! The filth!”
“Oh for...” Cass threw her hands up in the air and stood up
“Exactly which bit of “He'll die” are you having trouble with?” she shouted
“I can't!” Phi sobbed “You do it!”
“No smegging chance!” Cass snapped, turning and walking away in disgust “I'd just wind up killing him!”
“You said it yourself” Phi sniffed, delicately wiping her tears with the back of her hand “He'll die anyway - You do it!”
“Oh, smeg off” Cass spat, wheeling around angrily “I don’t have the training!”
“Yeah...” Phi gabbled, grasping at straws “But... But you're clever – I'm sure you've read a few books!”
“No!” Cass near shouted, before regaining control of her composure and taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly
“I need to make sure that our guest here doesn’t worm his way out of his pain mesh before I get the chance to disable his motor functions; and after that I'm going to make sure Jay and everyone else here is ok, before I decide on whether or not I dissect the one armed smegger while he's still conscious or after I decommission him”
She turned and began wheeling the x-ray machine that Justin had previously been using over towards the Simulant
“You do your job, and I'll do mine, ok?”

<tag>Phi – are you going to help Seymour or is Cass going to have to have a go? </tag>

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