Tales from the Time Fridge - Part 2

While Seymour was being operated on, and to keep Phil away from trying to shave White Wolf as he was bored, Jay got Phil's attention

"So you gonna finish your story or what?"
"He means about your STCP escapeds.." Said Pancake , sitting donw next to them
"Who the smeg said you could join us?" said Phil giving Justin a dirty look
Jay gave Phil an impatient look. "Phil, just tell the damm story, I'm sure the others want to hear it as well"
"Ok..Anyone else? "
Alfredo and Davie joined them. Even WW saunted along with a "This should be interesting" look on his face. At least, thats what Phil thought he had on his face..He could never tell with White Wolf. It could be somehing in his cheek pouches or simply some trapped hamster gas.


**wibbly wobbly flashback effect**

"I was in the Omega Field, with all the STCP collectively soiling themselves. The commander kept looking at his screen, at me and going purple.

There was a phone call, presumably from someone higher-up.

Eventually, what seemed like a entire squardron of guards came in, all armoured up with some very impressive protection and what looked like Null-Existance cannons.

"Mr Febuggure. I assume that you regognise the weapons aimed before you. We are going to deactivate the Omega security system and you will join us for, a little chat."

This new voice was not the commander. But someone else.

"Very well. I accept. I need to have a chat with your guys myself"

The OG wobbled and dropped. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. It was not helped by one of the guards closest to Phil let their nervousness get the best of themselves and they promptly passed out.

"Take him to Room.... 69!" intoned the commander. The room gasped, except Phil, who simply giggled like a schoolboy.

As Phil was escorted out the hall to the , what was assumed a interrogation chamber of somekind, Phil caught a glance of the commander making a mark on his data pad. "Omega List - Category #1 - Target #1 Caught." The Next on the list was...

("Who was it? Asked Davie. Phil smiled and just looked in WW direction)

The guard sat Phil down in room 69. After explaining the useual bits about the chance of him escaping was nil(Not realising a lot of the tech here was based on Phil's designs etc) and that he was allowed one meal under STCP directive #125, etc etc, Phil's mind wandered until something caught his attention.

"Just to let you know, the person you will be seeing will be fitted with a holo-disguise for security reasons. They will look like someone you know, but will NOT be that person."

The guard left Phil alone at this point. 5 mins later the door opened again.

<<tag...who's image could the person about to interrogate Phil be using??>>

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